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Sensor identification


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My Pinto 2.0 engine has a sensor right underneath exhaust port 4 and there is no wire going to it. Does anyone know which sensor it is so I can correctly re-wire it?


Also, is there a drawing of all the sensors and their locations around the block?




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The sensor in the picture is screwed into the threaded hole that is usually used to drain the coolant from the engine. So it normally has a simple blind threaded bolt head showing. Looking at the PTFE tape that appears to be in two places on the "sensor" I'd guess that an adapter has been used to reduce the hole diameter to the size needed to fix a water temperature sensor, probably for a gauge. Before you ask, the other blind bolt head that is in the photo lower down on the crank case is sealing the hole that is used on some (high spec) models to mount a sensor for a low oil level warning light. I dont know of any drawing for all the sensors. The sensor for coolant temperature is on the other side of the block, just above the disributor, and the oil pressure sensor is also on this side lower down not far from the starter motor.  If you have a standard carb inlet manifold (I don't think you have) then depending on the ignition control module there is another coolant temperature sensor on the manifold.

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If you can get hold of an early version of the Haynes manual for the Sierra it will give you lots of information on the Pinto engine.  The later versions of the manual have less info. and more "take it to the dealer".

You can usually find them on eBay for a few quid.

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I agree, the Haynes manuals for the Sierra helps for Pinto, and also for all the other bits that come from a Sierra donor used in RHE and other kit cars.

The most detailed one is the "Owners Workshop Manual"  ISBN 1 85010 538 3    (1982 to June 1989) .... but hard to find.

The other one is the "Service and Repair Manual"  ISBN 1 85960 090 5  (1982 to 1993 K reg) easier to find.

Here is a link to a copy for a fiver.



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