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Idea of price for a 2B


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I have an RH 2B based on a 1986 1.8 Sierra that I have agreed to sell to a friend.

It says Robin Hood on the V5 and is carrying the donor cars original 1986 plate.

It's been a victim of lockdown and my lack of time so it's been garaged but will need recommissioning and an MOT. No idea how much work that will be, MOT ran out in early 2021. 

It's a great looking car in yellow but who knows what needs fettling underneath to get it back on the road. 

I'm after an approximate sliding scale of what it might be worth - min and max? Just gives me an idea of what to say to my pal. He sourced the car for me and has done all the work on in it in my time so he knows it but we're both out of touch on what they're worth now. They seem to have gone up in value having seen adverts go through here and other platforms.

We've essentially shaken hands on it, I'm just working out a price we're both happy with.

Thanks in advance.



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I would suggest it's going to be worth about £4k when up and running with an MOT.

Hope this helps,  Steve

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I almost sold mine (thankfully I am now sane again) and when doing the rounds of ebay and the like I settled on £5k for a "ready to drive" condition.

There's a beautiful jagv6 on here for £5k, which seems bonkers, and there are old ratty looking examples at the same £5k, so pricing doesn't seem to make a lot of sense!

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I think Ben was correct at £5K for his Superspec, but that model carries a premium over the 2B.  I think Foz is about right, although the going rate over the last few years for a decent, properly registered, 2B has been nearer £3.5K.  

Also the time of year is important, and this is the best time, as summer tries to arrive.  So I would suggest a start price of £4.5K and accept anything over £3.5K.

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