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    Before and after, I have changed the dials for ETB (black bezel, white face, red pointer) as these were some cheap chinese ones
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    I drilled one hole at the top to feed the wire through, then a slightly larger on where the roll bar goes into the body. I fed some string through the hole and once it appeared at the bottom hole I then borrowed my wife's crochet hook to grab the string. Then I attached the string to the wire and pulled it through. Obviously if the bottom of your roll bar is open then you don't need to do that. Mine has solid ends for some reason.
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    Brave man, I stopped counting after £10k so she who must be obeyed never finds out.
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    Saw video on Youtube about using thick bleach and wire wool , so this is the result and with a final polish of autosol, It looks better, I think maybe a heavier grade wool to start with or maybe some compound on a wheel mop thingy.
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    Van Morrison - 'Brown Eyed Girl'
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    Green Manalishi Fleetwood Mac
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    Golden brown... The stranglers
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    think that might of been me Alan i love showroom shine
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    Someone in the Club recommended 'Showroom Shine' from Greased Lightning (https://www.greasedlightning.co.uk/) It is superb, cleans and polishes in one go. The bottle lasts for years.
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    If you want something you can pick up at Halfords, you cant go wrong with Autoglym. I would use their Super Resin Polish as it isn't very abrasive and so is a good balance between a proper polish and a pre-wax cleaner. I'd then follow that with either extra gloss protection or HD wax. Beyond that, I really like the Dodo Juice range, https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/dodo-juice Lime Prime is described as a pre-wax cleaner but really is a similar polish to Autoglyms SRP, which is why they also make Lime Prime Lite, which really is a pre wax cleaner. They offer a range of colour specific hard and soft waxs, although all will work on any colour, they offer some benefits for their targeted colour. Personally I prefer working with the hard wax and so would recommend banana armour for your car.
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    Here's mine. A bit tidier than usual as I don't have any major projects on the go at the moment (if you ignore painting the outside of the house) Doesn't look like the caravan will be getting much use in the foreseeable future unless I use it as an isolation unit.
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    well im back on the car after a long while ,also you cannot do anything with the lock down , i now have a ford zetec motor with a mazda rx8 gear box , still having a few problems but getting there slowly
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    Seeing as there are no car meets I thought we could have an Easter Sunday virtual meet. Get a photo between now and Easter, of your car, what you're doing or what you're drinking, post it Easter Sunday for a virtual get together. If you've got no photo, post a hello to those random people you get chatting to at car meets/shows. See you all next weekend Nick
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    I bought some cheap versions of these (mine cost me £65 but I can't find them now): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-LED-Stop-Tail-Ind-Rear-Light-lamp-BLACK-Pods-KitCar-Westfield-Locost-Caterham/360832010018?hash=item5403438722:g:tv8AAOSw3Dtd2Wer These do say the pods are angled but don't look much like it...mine were a bit more obvious than that. Pics of mine here: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2018/11/fully-fledged.html
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    Managed to get a couple of photo's, just managed to squeeze the time in between doing very little and nothing.
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    Dont have a garage or man cave , all work done on the drive. May get a man cave as daughter is moving out so theres a spare bedroom up for grabs, missus wants it as a "dressing room" but im wanting to move my Xbox etc in and build a gaming setup. I will probably loose out but I can dream
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    Good point. I was going to mount them a little lower on the wing and see what they look like, Im sure the "old bill" or MOT station wont be out with their tape measure and plumb bob to see if there correct as long as they "look" correct I think I should be fine (fingers crossed)
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