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  1. Thats why I am fitting dead locks to rear doors and side loading door. not to bothered about the cab as even with the scumbag key they cant start it

    yes they can they just connect a laptop to the diagnostic socket and bypass all the security, you can now buy a security box to fit around it to stop them.

    like this: http://www.garrisonlocks.co.uk/ford-transit-2014-onwards-obd-port-socket-protection?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=CKOoirqqg9QCFQ06GwodIWcEVg

  2. thank you for your reply

    when I have uploaded photos I've simply reduced there size with windows paint (if I can do it anyone can!!)

    I do not use photo hosting sites because you may give away your copyright and allow your photos to be used without your knowledge by anyone for anything!

    surely though if sites like retro ford/pistonheads (who dont have a membership fee) etc can do it then surely one of the biggest kitcar forums should. maybe it's time to use advertising to cover the cost?, I believe that's how the aforementioned do it and it's not intrusive.

    also if you stopped people having gif's etc on their profile or whatever it's called the data they use could be used for photos I know which is more useful!

    keep up the good work.

  3. find a hill and coast down with foot off the throttle then accelerate if you get loads of smoke then valve stem seals or oil control rings.

    my old mini used to completely engulf the road before I rebuilt the engine,and it needed new valve stems as well as seals.

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  4. yeh couldn't remember how they operated and I'm 5000 miles away from mine at the mow!, think I'll have a look at making something when/if I ever get any time.

    I've got 2 mt75's but only 1 switch that works and they seen to be as strong as egg shells!

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