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  1. where is this place ?? Is it at the back of someone house ? PS we cant come sorry but looking at campsite near water :-)
  2. It seems they are keeping the same dates despite the bank holiday this year is on the Friday 8th May. Wonder if this is the end of the show !! https://www.nationalkitcarshow.co.uk/
  3. Can you put me and Dino down, haven't seen anyone for ages since Dino broke the kitcar !!
  4. Saw this but isnt it the same weekend as Stoneleigh ?
  5. Happy New Year to you all, Hope your kit cars behave themselves and stay on road !!

  6. what is the view on children ?? Would like to gate crash but might have 2 bring the kids Plus note Dino would be driving so I can drink
  7. Thank you Keith for all your hard work and those that helped you in organising this event, A great weekend with lots of laughs, Kids loved it, they generally look forward to this event every year and dont want to come home. It is a shame that the event was not supported by more members. Maybe there needs to be a thread about what people want or dont want form such events as it would be a shame if this event gets cancelled due to lack of support. See you next year :-)
  8. finally found my log in details and went to order but "no tickets" And I tooooo late ???? If not can you tell me how much Keith for 2 adults 2 kids I Caravan I can paypal over sorry im so late
  9. this sounds great but just checked the calendar and forgot we go away on the 2nd, oh well enjoy maybe one for next year
  10. is anyone taking kids ? ( not to eat!!!!) As we might come but will have the kids in tow
  11. We would like to come to this with the caravan, will come the Friday night so thats 2 adults 2 kids and a caravan with the kit. How do we go about booking ? thanks
  12. There are no more spaces for this event, but if you can pop along its a great day for the family and maybe you might want to join next year :-)
  13. fab weekend, Big thank to the RhoCar team for all their hard work, kids loved it they didnt want to come home, :-)
  14. thanks will get there before that, Poor Dino has to go on the Sat to take my caravan
  15. No not before 9am !! they are like Gremlins ( they get wild )
  16. Shall we make some signs for Rhocar only and take over a few plots, Dino works over the road from Stoneleigh so can sneak over Friday and fence of a nice area for us
  17. What time will you be leaving the pub ? I am coming along in the kit but wont have breakfast as have a child in tow. thanks Nikki
  18. We will be there Sat to help Rebecca I hope you are coming for a night to celebrate with us (will there be cake)
  19. I'm awaiting a reply from the organisers about camping as there was some available in previous yrs will update you as soon as Nikki
  20. Andi I need to pay membership so I can post about it, better pay for Dino as he needs to some posting too
  21. Hi Are you doing a family membership ???
  22. Happy New year, seems like forever since been on this site We are going to Moria this year and really hoping to get some others to attend, this is a great family event :-)
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