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  1. Hi, many thanks for the replys. I originally used something similar to a hoover hose connected to the standard thermostat housing but having had lots of leaks etc I decided to comply to the pro version. Not only will this make the engine look good, but will be fit for purpose.
  2. Hi all, my home made water rail has failed and wanted to replace it this winter and wondered if any one has a system surplus to requirement. Engine is a stock zetec 2.0lt blacktop. Thanks Craig
  3. Hi, it's a bit of a long shot, but do you still have parts left, notable the water rail? Thanks
  4. Hi, many apologies for the delay... I'm still interested in the blower. can you message me with the final cost including post. cheers, Craig
  5. Hi, do you still have the blower? Thanks Craig
  6. I'll take the Vicky Green Loom. If you email me your PayPal details please. Thanks,
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