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  1. Can we please have: Matt - soup, lamb roast and Crème Brulee Jasmin - soup, lamb roast and apple crumble thanks
  2. Thanks, from speaking to another member at the local meet he thinks that there may not even be a thermostat installed and is constantly open so im going to look at that first and fit one if needed then look at adjusting the fan to come in a little later and see how it works , when it gets a little warmer ill be able to check to see if its getting to hot then go from there.
  3. yes i am, didn't realise the date oh well maybe next time unless the dates change
  4. Soon as we have a set date I'll try sort somthing with work. Will it be Friday to Sunday?
  5. I was wondering if there were any more spaces avaliable for 2 more?
  6. Post pics, id like to see your progress or even better start a new post and do like the guy in the link and add another how to
  7. You have to join the group, you will only be accepted if you have a kit of some kind so you know everyone has one, then you will be able to access the group map with all the members locations on it and what kit they have
  8. Hope this is OK, I just joined a group on Facebook only for kit car owners for organising local meets and runs out thought people on here might like to know about it. Also has a map of where people are local to you https://www.facebook.com/groups/trevornwkcg/
  9. thanks iv got to get some better pictures, just want to make it as reliable as possible
  10. probably the best image i currently have of the bonnet vents, i would think these would be more than adequate, im going to re wrap my manifold as the person i bought the car off didn't seem to do a very good job and its falling off. ill see if i can get a better position for the fan as only around 3/4 of the fan is blowing through the fins, i wont really be able to check it properly until its abit warmer. what would be a good normal working temp to try and achieve? as 65 does seem on the lower side and what would be the max temp you would want to run the pinto engine ? thanks
  11. Basically I just wanted to know if a push fan is better than a pull fan at first. Then other questions were asked so I answered them to give people a better understanding of the situation. I don't think there's a issue as such as in cooler weather I can have it sitting for 20mins with very little temperature fluctuation usually around 65-68, but when the weather gets warmer say 18-20 ambient temp when at a standstill the temperature just keeps increasing about 1oc every 20-30 seconds. It seems like the fan ether can't get enough airflow through or there's to much heat soak from the engine/exhaust. Hope that Clears things up
  12. The rad is about 3 inches thick and takes up pretty much the whole width of the front just infront of the frame, hight wise you have to open up the nose to be able to remove the top cap properly and goes pretty much to the bottom of the frame, not sure what the normal size is compared to that
  13. Iv looked at these ones but they don't quite match the ones I have got, I know there were two types and there supposedly not interchangeable, mine is similar to the top link with the round hazard switch
  14. I have a s7 With Sierra steering colum and the hazard switch has broken and won't turn off, I have also broken my lights stalk while removing the dash piece, is there any way of changing the stalks on both sides with a universal type setup as it's proving difficult to find a replacement for the hazard side stalk. http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/multi-stalk-assembly I found this but was unsure if I could make it work would anyone be able to shed some light on this or suggest a different option. Thanks
  15. Not really because of the suspension unfortunately, it's a shame that the frame is so in the way as that doesn't help the flow
  16. I currently have a adjustable one in guessing it's at 65oc as on a cooler/cold day it sits at 65. Last time I took it out when it was hot it got to 109oc before I pulled over
  17. Forgot to add the fan kicks in around 65oc and I have multiple vents in the bonnet to allow hot air to escape Two long vents down the middle and two scoops on the manifold side
  18. Hope that helps, the fan I currently have pushes air from the front of the car through the rad into the engine bay but is mainly focused on the bottom end of the rad due to space
  19. I currently have a rh s7 with a 2.1 pinto and on warm days you can watch the temperature rise when sitting still in traffic or at traffic lights, now the question is the radiator fan is not in direct contact with the rad as the front part of the frame does not allow it, so is it best to have a fan which pushes air from the nose cone into the rad and into the engine bay, or a fan which pulls the warmer air from the engine bay and out the nose cone? Thanks
  20. http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=41545&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 Check this, pictures of someone that has altered the s7 tunnel
  21. I'll be going to as many meets, events and drives out as possible hopefully get to meet some more of you
  22. Should have really noticed that haha
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