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  1. Zippy

    Christmas Meal

    Yes pls to me and Richie
  2. Count me and Richie in. Can't do weekend of 14th May, Aug Bh 27th weekend, (and potentially 28th July to 8th Aug but won't know until end Feb as waiting to see if got place as volunteer at Birmingham Commonwealth Games)
  3. Hi. Can Richie and I come. Fish and chips for me pls and Richie will have Hunter's Chicken. We've booked to go round Belvoir Castle and Gardens for the Sunday. Looking forward to catching up with you all
  4. Pate x 2 Braised Beef x 1 and Turkey x 1 Cheeseboard) (at extra cost) x 1 and 1 x christmas pud Thanks
  5. Hi. For anyone attending tonight there will be a chilli and a chicken curry to share around so feel free to join us.
  6. Hi all, I have just read through the original post for this event and it says tents can be set up Saturday morning. Does this mean we are not meeting up on Friday night?
  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any photos from the weekend. If they do could they send some to Neil for the magazine, an article is being written . Cheers Jacks
  8. It was a fabulous evening. Great start to the festive season. Thanks both.
  9. Me and Richard please. Thanks for sorting again, love this get together Jackie Pate Braised Beef Cheese Board plus £3.00 Richie Pate Turkey Toffee Pudding
  10. Put me down for a Reiki therapy session pls. Nice work Keith looking forward to it.
  11. Both Richie and me would like to thank everyone who came to our event this weekend and also your lovely comments. We continue to be amazed by how many of you still enjoy coming, and it was great to meet some new people this year too. It certainly turned out to be a very busy weekend for everyone with plenty of laughs along the way. If you are planning to come along next year get it in your diaries now, it’s the second weekend of August. I am also relieved that everyone eventually got home safety in the end. Hopefully catch up with some of you soon at one of the meets. xx
  12. Great to see you arrived safely Richie, see you all tomorrow and hopefully no breakdowns - but first a different sought of horse power on Friday for a some of us girls
  13. Thank you everyone for being organised and letting us have your food orders and thanks again for supporting this event again.
  14. Alan, thank you for your kind message. It is a pity you cannot be there but we will do another.
  15. Looks like we are going to have an enjoyable Sunday with the Fforest Coaster ride. Its gone down well. We shall need to arrive by 12.15 for our 1pm timeslot so a leisurely drive over to look forward to. We have managed to get a 15% discount so £17.00 for a single sledge and £25.50 for a shared sledge if my calculations are correct. Food for the Saturday. Once again this is at the Canolfon Prysor Centre on the Trawsfynydd Lake. The format, to keep it simple, is the same as last year. They have a note of dietary requirements so will cater accordingly. Cost £10.50 per person – (child portions can either be done from the choices below at £6.00ish or there is a childrens menu with the usual stuff which they can do on the day –If you need to know the exact child menu choices we will post them up We don’t need to know adult choices just yet so plenty of time to have a think but will need to know a couple of weeks before. Lasagne Sausage Egg Chips Ham Egg Chips Beef & Ale Pie with gravey Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie with gravy To follow Fruit Crumble with custard (apple and blackberry I think) Cheese Cake with cream Ice Cream
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