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  1. Looking for a meet near me if there is one - Around Preston/Southport? Thanks
  2. Steve B

    Robin Hood 2B

    Hi Paddy - just one thing noticed that you haven't got wipers etc but fixed windscreen - did you have any problems with MoT?
  3. Just bought a 2b and one of the brackets on the macpherson is starting to crack. This seems to be a known problem and through some of the threads on here the Kitspares bracket is recommended. Unfortunately when I have looked they don't look anything like mine. I have also been on Youtube to look at the assembly to decide how to disassemble but they look like the newer version (4?) of the kit so whilst still a macpherson the parts are different. So, any recommendations as what to do to replace the bracket (photo attached with arrow showing crack) and close on how to disassemble/reassemble? Many thanks
  4. Really looking forward to getting the car now!!!
  5. Thanks for all your help and checking for me. On the MoT side the guy selling had genuinely not touched the car for 4 years as it had been in his garage. So it all looks legit
  6. Car picture attached Picture1.bmp
  7. I suppose I was working on the basis that if the V5 said Robin Hood 2B then at some time an SVA must have been passed in order for it to get its registration?
  8. I am a newbie to kit cars and have just put a deposit down on a Robin Hood 2b. According to the tax status on Gov.uk it was first registered in Dec 2001 and Manufactured in 1989 (assume that's the donor car. Fitted with a new Pinto engine in 2001 with twin 40 Weber carburettors. I have been told that it has been through an SVA. Will have an MoT when I buy (being bought through a local garage) What are the things that I need to check confirm? Thanks
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