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  1. 1 minute ago, jaimo said:

    Just seen post that this has been cancelled ????

    I am just in the process of updating all our platforms, your quick to see that ūüėā yes, show has been postponed due to weather. We have limited hard standing so public would be parki g on super soft grass and this isn't a viable option. New date to be announced soon.¬†

  2. 2 minutes ago, jaimo said:

    Might be getting car back saturday so prob be able to go but the all day weather rain not looking gud 

    That's great you will have the car back. Your right, the weather looks a bit hit and miss at the moment. If yiur feeling brave or it improves then it would be great to see you there. If not we should catch up on a nice day for a blat some time. 

  3. Hey everyone! Just a heads up, show is still going ahead and looking to be a great turnout! 

    If you are hoping to show with us, let me know here or by email Events@owstonhall.com

    Exhibitors get a free lunch and drink to say thanks for coming along. Exhibitors to arrive between 08:00 - 09:30. Gates to public open at 10:00, show to run down by 16:00. 

    Hope to see a few of you guys there!

  4. 4 minutes ago, phaeton said:

    If you are still thinking of doing some form of sprint, times section, might be worth a call to Javelin, they run Blyton & are based East of you at Kimmington maybe they could run the event & take on the liability, might be cheaper than arranging your own insurance, although they are at Three Sisters that weekend.

    Thanks for that info, I will contact them. Not going to do a sprint section for 2021, keeping it small and simple. But for 2022 when we plan to make is a 2 / 3 day event we will definitely be taking a much better look at getting that sorted!


  5. Hey guys,


    One little thing I want to iron out with my car, everything else seems good. When driving along, if I am cruising with my foot barely on the throttle she coughs through the carbs, I assume this is something to do with the switch from idle to main jets? Difference to big or something like this? Runs well at idle and runs well when accelerating/ keeping some power on for hills, just happens when floating on the peddle, say cruising through town at 30mph or similar.... Any advice is much appreciated. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, sylvia.fry2 said:

    High 6 figure motors will always be over-shadowed by unique hand built creations, been on a ferry to France with a deck full of McLaren & the crowd was with Florin; including the very dishy passenger from said yellow super car.   Just saying!!!

    I semi agree. I do think that one offs and more unique vehicles do grab more attention but kids do love to come and see that car from the tv they hear so much about or have on their wall. This is why as much as we have super cars available from our members I also want kits and hot rods there too as I feel this will broaden the appeal. 


    I have spoken to a few people and it looks like we will be going ahead in August some time. Likely a Sunday. Just one day this year with the plan to make it a 3 day event in 2022 once things settle down and we have time to build an official brand, webpage and sop forth for the event. Watch this space for the date in the coming days.

  7. 5 minutes ago, brumster said:

    Good luck! The timed sprint section will be a minefield of legislation, public indemnity insurance and so forth - might be worth interacting with a local MSUK-affiliated club to run it as a formal event, which would probably make it easier than trying to arrange something yourself.

    Yes we are looking into all of that side of things at current. It would really finish the event off if we could do it but as its only a 1/4 mile section we have to weigh up the input to output. 

    Just by floating the idea by some of the golf club members here we have a potential lineup of 10 supercars inc Several Ferarri, Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and more. One of the members 'MAY' be interested in bringing his F40 down for show but is less inclined to bring his La Ferarri and who can blame him, its worth well into 6 figures!

  8. Hello Guys and Gals,


    I have this vision of doing a kit car weekend here at the hotel and golf club I work at.¬†The idea would be for people bring their cars, show them and generally have a good time. We have loads of space for showing and I have an idea in my mind of using one of our entrance roads for potential timed ‚Äėhigh speed‚Äô runs, the road isn‚Äôt overly long but enough to have some fun doing timed Point to Point. The idea would also be to advertise to the public and to get a turn out of a few hundred people over the weekend. Several of our Golf Club members have supercars and similar and are showing an interest in getting behind this idea.¬†

     Do you think this may be something our local members may be interested in attending? We are based in Owston, Doncaster, DN5 0LP. 

    It would be great to hear your thoughts and if you think members might be interested. 

  9. 1 minute ago, tractor said:

    i seem to remember burton power do the alloy winged sump but its expensive 

    I that's what I have fitted and it's aboit 30mm bellow the gearbox bell housing. I have raised the engine up on the mounts but the rocker now knocks the peddle box so I'm looking back down the shorter sump route. It work as it is but it's not ideal so tempted to swap my alloy one out. Not sure yet. 

  10. Looking for a pinto 2.0 sump. Shortened. With or without big wing. Side drain bung. 

    This is to fit my Robin Hood S7. 

    I have found a company that sells them with no exchange unit (premier motorsport developments) but having heard pretry horrific reviews about their service and items never showing up I don't fancy sending them £170 for potentially nothing.... 

    Open to a new or used unit. 

  11. Hey guys and gals,

    Now that the sun is poking its head out from behind the wintery clouds and the car is ready for action once again its time to head out on the open road. I am based in Doncaster and was wondering if anyone can offer any decent routes or roads for a local blast around? 

    I often head out to the peaks climbing so am familiar with the roads around the peaks beyond Sheffield / Eccy road. I am looking for some more local stuff that if I just fancy a 1hr blat after work or whatever, I can. 

    All advice much appreciated!

  12. OK wow, what a difference! I have my car back!! 

    So I headed out today and took toolsdl to adjust my vernier, I tried advancing it slightly, sluggish performance. I the retarted it, holy moly, what a difference!! 1st gear, spin up, 2nd gear spin up... How she used to be! 

    I kept retarding until I hit the max adjustment so decided to head back to the garage, remove the cam belt, move the vernier one tooth and the reset back to zero. Headed back out and made a few minor adjustments but the difference is night and day to before I did this.... SO SO SO PLEASED TO HAVE MY CAR PERFORMING AS SHE USED TO. THANKS NICK!! 

  13. OK so I thought I would update the thread with my progress. I removed the coilovers and if I went any further they would have been hitting the top over bumps making the ride terrible so left them as they were. 

    My next move was to remove and raise the engine mounts. I removed them, cleaned them and realised I could only gain a few mm if I just raised the engine on the 'spike' so opted to raise the entire block. I did this and now have some great clearance under the car, I would say its almost double what I had which is now plenty. I will be looking at a more 'professional' way to raise the mounts but getting a custom CNC cut mount raiser plate cut. This will ensure the loading is evenly spread to avoid any additional stress anywhere. 

    Just waiting on my low profile oil filler cap to arrive and I can then get back out in her. 

    Thanks to all for their input and advice. 

  14. 3 hours ago, MarkBzero said:

    I might have shorter ones in the garage, what diameter do you need?

    Oh, I already have the short ones, have done for months. Just never shifted these ones when I removed them. Thanks anyway! 

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