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  1. It looks like a Tiger that a friend of mine from Carnoustie sold to someone in Aberdeen a couple of years ago. Cheers, George.
  2. hi Kenny, you will be ok with the sliding pillar my car is the same age as yours as i was too busy with other things for a while, so just get your head down and go for it. Mine has been on the road since Jan 2008 with no problems, just keep it well greased and it's ok. If I can be of any help just give me a shout. All the best. Cheers, George.
  3. Two that I know of in this area, myself in Broughty Ferry and Flux in Monifieth plus I believe at least one more being built. George
  4. Tim, I get mine filled by a local Fire Prevention firm for £20 if this helps. Cheers,
  5. george g.


    Well done Colin, it's a good feeling. Like me you picked a great time to get an SVA, but at least all should be sorted for summer. Cheers George
  6. You were right about the wee? dram, a new bottle of McCallen did the trick. That's 2 cars on the road this year in Dundee plus my pal Dave has a Hawk so we should manage a run sometime. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, just to let you know another sliding pillar finally made it on to the road at last. passed first time at Glasgow (phew) so thanks to everyone for all the hints and tips over the years. Roll on summer (it was minus 6 deg up here today).
  8. george g.

    Glasgow Pass!

    Well done Gary, hope to be there soon with mine.
  9. Dave,the pipe should be left open but make sure it ends above the axle housing as it originally went up into a hole in the crossmember, this should cure the problem. cheers, george
  10. george g.

    1.6 Pinto

    Another thing to look out for if you have a Bosch dizzy is the position of the locating peg that fits in the slot in the dizzy body, there are 2 types of cap that look similar but the timing is about 20 odd degrees out. all the best George.
  11. george g.


    Andy, the setting for unleaded is 6 degrees for a 2V carb and 8 degrees for a VV. Hope this helps, good result by the way! george.
  12. Try rubbing it with chalk then wipe off excess, that,s the way we did it in the garage trade. All the best. George
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