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  1. I want a modified dizzy for my 2.1 pinto bike carb engine some thing with a fast road advance curve built in Thanks Dan
  2. I also use the bike type same as the others on my2b also used it on my bike and never had one stolen in 15yrs from my bikes Not full proof but enough to stop an opportunist Dan
  3. Hi, Is it possable to change my logged in name (notimpressed) at the time i choice this name i was proper naffed off with my 2b i,e bought it from rh 2 days before they went bust and found shortly after that the engine gearbox electrics wipers etc were s*#t and they were not forthcoming with help at the time. But after much time and money the car is now sorted and i don,t feel negitive to the brand any longer and would rather a different log in name How do i do it ????? Cheers Dan
  4. Seems i,m not alone in my thinking. I,m going to try and get a rear subframe off a sierra from some where and use the roadster book to see if i can come up with something. The whole idea is to save weight thus improve performance if the handling benefits then double bonus. If at some point i do come up with something i,ll let you all know. Dan
  5. Has anyone converted a stainless 2B chassis to rear wishbones instead of the sierra sub frame? just wondering how easy/hard it might be. Dan
  6. For sale 1 x steering wheel came off my 2b its in good condition with horn button 300mm diameter £25 posted Dan
  7. Hi, my trailer is in good working order has 6 good tires + good spare new jockey wheel don,t know age at least 3 yrs old its is in good condition If you are interested i could get it out of my garage and take some pics. Also can i see some pics of yours thanks Dan Elliott 07976642282
  8. All the bits are sold. yes the 2b is stainless one Dan
  9. speedtripledan


    I,m going to make some thing similar to these. http://www.carstages.co.uk I,m sick of my back and knees hurting after working on my 2b. Dan
  10. Hi, the 32/36 came off a 2.0L pinto and is in perfect working order.
  11. For sale: 1 x reconditioned weber 38 dgas with manifold and linkage and cable £75 + post SOLD 1 x weber 38dgms carb and manifold £40 + post SOLD 1 x weber 32/36 carb and manifold no linkage but cable bracket £35 + post SOLD Aquired these to convert my efi pinto to carb but in the end went for fireblade conversion so these are no longer required. Any questions please ask Dan
  12. No, idea about clear lenses i,ve put led indicators on now... they look way better. Dan
  13. I found sureterm cheaper this year than roadsure £125 fully comp they were also unbeatable on my discovery. Dan Elliott
  14. blocking the correctors was something this guy did on my carbs (1999 fireblade) the prove is in the dyno runs with the 1.6mm fitted the car was rich as hell ! with around 92bhp at the wheels by blocking the correctors and reducing the mains to 1.3mm it went to 102bhp smelt better and sounded better he did it to get a particular lamba reading accross the rev range which he claims is the optimum for the pinto. Right or wrong i don,t know but my car runs bang on
  15. Hi, My 2b had a 2.0L pinto efi with worn cam and that was as quick as my mates elise. He then got an exige after i put a recon 2.1 pinto we are about the same 0 to 60 check out you tube to see terminal speed was more than 60 when he went past.Dan
  16. As far as i,m aware my car was sva,d with them. They are standard 2b indicators . Dan
  17. Hi, I,m selling my ifor williams trailer £1300ono. It is a LM 166 tri axle 16ft by 6ft6 bed. head and tail brds, all 6 tyres good plus spare new jockey wheel. Ideal for kit car Now on ebay Sold via ebay in 20hrs for more than i wanted on here Dan
  18. The air corrector jets were blanked off, the car was to rich at the high revs you could smell it let alone see it on the dyno pc. By blanking the air correctors and changing jets to 1.3 he gained 10bhp it went from 92 to 102 bhp then a turn of the cam pully strangely retarding it a few degrees out popped another 6bhp . Just took the car up the road for a quick spin and my god what a differance the car was spinning through 1st 2nd and part of 3rd (damp road) only ever used to spin 1st. The guy i took it to knows the pinto in side out he has done a lot of work for stock car racers and the like also he is a bike nut and has a bike dyno so he knows that side inside out too. The money spent on the pulley manifold fuel pump and reg would have been a waste without the dyno run. Dan
  19. Hi, My car has been to the dyno now with some interesting results when it 1st got there it was running rich as hell with the main jets taken out to 1.6mm by gbs after much fettling and the mains reducing to 1.3mm with a few other carb mods it run up with 102bhp at the wheels according to the dyno guy this was approx 20bhp up on standard once that was sorted a little adjustment of the cam pully gained another 6bhp overall 108bhp at the wheels approx 130 at the flywheel. My Engine has a fuel injected head standard cam and standard efi dizzy. The dyno guy was really impressed with the gbs manifold said it flowed well and for the price was unbeatable. My car was there for 4hrs all in and he charged me £160 that included welding a lamba sensor ring into the exhaust to he could get a better read out.. What it also proves is there is a lot of crap info about claiming all sorts of magic BHP figures for pintos i was told by someone that 150bhp was possable from a standard pinto my engine is in perfect condition as it was checked today before the run and got nowhere near that Not tried the car on the road yet due to the loverly weather we are having. My advise to anyone messing with bike carbs is get it set up on the dyno as you will save a lot of messing around !!! there is a bit more to it than you think. I was really impressed with TORQUETUNE in new ollerton (next to Gbs factory) give him a call on 07976961442 I,ll be going back when i can afford a modified dizzy fr32 cam and some head work, be interesting to see what that produces. Dan ( waiting for the snow to melt)
  20. Hi, I have an lm166 3500kg tri axle ifor williams flat bed trailer 6ft 6 wide by 16ft bed , which I would like to swap for a good quality car transporter trailer i.e. ifor or brian james type. I only use the trailer for my hood so it seems a bit overkill for just that, the trailer is in good condition and I know the previous owner from new it has not been abused! now on ebaysold in 20hrs on ebay Dan
  21. Why have i been put back as a community user despite paying my 2009 membership a few weeks ago ??? Dan
  22. I,ve just converted my 2.1 pinto to bike carbs from efi, using fireblede carbs as i already had them and bought a gbs manifold. The engine ticked over streight away but will not rev cleanly. I,ve found a rolling road near me who has a car and a bike dyno. I,m getting him to tune the whole thing seems to know his stuff, also advised me there is some power to be had from a vernier cam pulley, which i have now ordered. The car is booked in for next sat will post results and bhp figures Dan
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