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Found 7 results

  1. Evening All, Bit of a random question - does anyone know how much force is needed to disengage a clutch at the clutch fork end? Or a rough approximation? I currently have a wilwood master and slave cylinder to mount to my MT75 gearbox, but need to design and make a mount for the slave cylinder. I would measure it, myself but I'm currently in the middle East with work Si
  2. Hi all, Reflecting on a late night conversation whilst camping last weekend. I think my acceleration compared to some of the other cars was very slow. I have a MT 75 gearbox with the following ratio's; 1st 3.61 2nd 2.08 3rd 1.36 4th 1.00 5th 0.83 My diff I believe it's a 3.62 (although not checked yet) but purchased from ex-club member..First job on the weekend after sorting the miss-fire. So not fussed about top end speed, but I recall someone saying they do about 2700 @ 70mph. Mines is a lot higher. Could I fit a 3.92 diff to improve acceleration?
  3. I have two gearboxes which need stripping, inspection and possible repairs, it will be mated to an ST170 engine. Which gearbox would select? Choices type 9 or MT75, I only want to pay for one.
  4. I have just found a source of these I had to get one for myself but there was a minimum order number so I have some spare, £20 including postage 2nd class royal mail UK only. pm me if your interested.
  5. Does anyone know how the gear linkage connects to the gearbox on the superspecs as half a mile away from home the gearstick became disconnected from the gearbox and is now stuck in fourth gear. Thank you
  6. Hi All, My type 9 gearbox is whining in 3rd and crunching heavily when selecting 4th, I also have a oil leak. I have done a quick visual inspection and the oil is not from output shaft, need to remove the engine/gearbox to find out where the leak is. I got it second hand so not surprised. Anyway, has anybody got a spare type 9 (known to be good) or can recommend a decent firm to overhaul/repair ideally Midlands based, but I do travel all over the country?
  7. Guest

    Gearbox Swap

    Hello, I've currently got a 1.6 pinto from a y reg sierra in my S7, and a 4speed box. A mate of mine has a loose type 9 which he's letting me have - this is from a 2.0l that he's just put in his Capri. Now I know the fly wheel has to come over for the number of splines, but is the swap straightforward? Issues that I might foresee would be length and coupling of the prop-shaft, position of gearbox mounting (aside from the fact that I don't know if it works! - is there a straightforward method of checking before fitting?)
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