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The Rebuild Begins!

Guest The Modfather

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Guest The Modfather



I made and fitted a new bulkhead cover, covering over all the unused and unwanted holes. Hopefully this will stop my leg from cooking again :diablo:


As and when i need to, I will only drill a hole big enough for the task, and use a grommet to help seal it.


post-4086-069431200 1284667771_thumb.jpg


post-4086-042869500 1284667783_thumb.jpg

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Guest The Modfather

Hi Mark.


Thanks. I wasn't going to start until Oct time, but after Le Mans I had an oil leak on the gearbox so thought that I'd start early and work in the warmer weather. If I keep going at this rate, once the cold weather comes, all the hard work would have been done, and I can spend the winter palying the guitar, in the warm!!!!


Go on, get out in the garage! :yahoo:

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Guest The Modfather

A quick update!


The engine is now fully supported on it's own mounts :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I managed to find a local welding company who needed a top up to their tea fund, and the welding is absolutely ace. I will post some pics later.


I also chopped the sump about and now the starter fits fine, just need to find out if the above welders can do ali, if not I have a truck builder nearby who make ali bodies, so again, I'll see if their tea fund needs topping up!


Got my tin of black Smoothrite now so I'll be painting the engine mounts and other bits today.


Pics to come.


Catch you all later :crazy:

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Guest The Modfather

Pics as promised.


As you can see I have had to cut quite a bit off the sump, but I have kept it simple for the welder.


post-4086-062192200 1285443608_thumb.jpg


post-4086-026931000 1285443550_thumb.jpg


post-4086-096081400 1285443631_thumb.jpg


post-4086-073008500 1285443647_thumb.jpg



Here are the finished mounts, didn't get round to painting them though!


post-4086-071826900 1285443663_thumb.jpg


post-4086-062611300 1285443675_thumb.jpg



Couldn't resist fitting the manifold and carbs :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


post-4086-088729000 1285443712_thumb.jpg

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Guest The Modfather

Hit a bit of a problem tonight.


I had to pull the engine out today as I needed to remove the old clutch bearing as I used it purely for mock up, and fit the new one. While the engine was out I tried to fit a home made water rail as I have the usual miniscule gap between the engine and the stainless bulkhead (3a monocoque chassis). Bob (Florin MM) had found an offset stat at an auto jumble for me, as the new rail allows the stat to sit at the face of the head, but due to the water jacket inside the head, it needed to be offset. I needed to trim the edge off the stat for a better fit, but cut too much off, and now the water can pass by the stat. A quick trip to Halfrauds lightened me of £8 for an offset stat, having trawled through every box!!!!

Got back home, bugger, doesn't fit the rail! I cannot enlarge the rail as it is made using 28mm copper fittings, and seeing as I have no idea what car the original stat was from, I'm stuck.

I possibly have 3 options: 1) Pay £200+ for a Raceline rail, 2) Fit the rail but don't use a stat, or 3) Cut into the bulkhead and bodge a patch up as I cannot weld stainless.

I've tried bashing in the bulkhead area above the trans tunnel, but as there is the top of the tunnel welded to the bulkhead, it is not allowing me to make enough room.

I'm only looking at 10mm at the most, so I guess I might just have to cut the bulkhead and try and seal it somehow afterwards, as I don't want to run without a stat.


Anyone else got any ideas?



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Guest Chutney

I have cut loads of bits off my car just to fit the engine in whole. The way I see it the engine was designed with that thermostat so keep it. I'd cut the bulkhead- the hole will keep your feet warm.

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