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  1. Names on the list Thanks Stephen
  2. Jen just phone me Count me in see you there Stephen
  3. The switching signal is very low 0.4 to 0.6 volts mm set on up to 20 v tried a new earth lead from side of bulb holder to body started to flash then stopped removed from body and seamed ok now still not working again have 2 new headlights on order as both very cloddy hope that fixes it it is all ecu controled not a relay hope this fixes it will know on Tuesday stephen
  4. HI my son has a Golf Plus Mk 5 one of the front indicators is intermittently not working Wont flash when un locking car all others do will sometimes flash when hazards on will not flash when indicating right put hazards on will flash then will work when turning I have swapped bulbs cleaned all terminals and contacts in lamp holder and with contact cleaner on big multi plug on headlight assembly checked all fueses Help Stephen
  5. stevedohc2b

    Bmw Z4

    HI I sold soon after steve sep 2016 after 13 years of driving kit all over Europe and never thought i would sell. I have a Z4 as well looked at boxster and merc The Z4 is the nearest thing to a severn but with all mod cons the 2.5 is a great engine BMW legendary straight six. Go for it you will love it Stephen
  6. I think i have one of each archer and RHS and matching valve covers yours for few beer tokens and postage Stephen
  7. Great place i did a camping w/e few years back take the road train then walk around later you need all day it was 2013 http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=35543&hl=%2Bthe+%2Bnational+%2Bmemorial+%2Barboretum Stephen
  8. Recived mine sorry double booked at Lemans Classic that W/E can send on to any one whoe needs one just PM address stephen
  9. Hi we went for a ride Sunday great new toy some video and Pics https://www.dropbox.com/s/61ws2zwxrxhxrqk/IMG_2621.MOV?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/16otznbbdwt2pil/IMG_2624.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xd4alchha8p4v9k/IMG_2626.JPG?dl=0 Stephen
  10. Hi Think 4 cars and 6 boys Me & mate Lee & dad Barry & mate Camping blu nord Stephen
  11. is this it Bob Owner: G. Newton. (SBA member) Area: Trailable (UK). HULL Launch Built 1992-93 by Geoffrey Newton at Bretby. Designed by Walter Simmons at Fowey. LOA: 25' 7", LWL: 22' 6", Beam: 5' 6". Strip plank, cedar with 3mm external mahogany veneer, epoxy glass sheathed Varnished, straight stem, counter stern, canopy on 6 brass stanchions, wheel steering. ENGINE Compound, 3" + 5" x 3". Built by Geoffrey Newton. Design: A.A. Leak. Valve(s): pv on HP, balanced sv on LP, Gear: SLRG. On 6 turned columns, HP Xhead driven fp and air pump, Kcond. All nickel plated. Fitted 1999. BOILER VFT. Built 1999 by Franklin & Bell at Gloucester. Fuel: coal, Grate: 1.62 sqft. Designed by David Beale, 24" dia x 24" high, 109 x 1" od tubes, SS grate, spun brass top, SS wet ash pan, injector, hand fp, bilge ejector, Wkettle. PROP 3 blades, 18" x 26". Shaft: 1�" SS. HISTORY New boat built and fitted out by owner. First steamed July 1994. Steamed every year since, total hours 1060, total miles 2067. Formerly fitted with Cyril Taylor twin 21/2" + 21/2" x 21/2". Formerly fitted with No.6 size WTB by Precision Steam, Tiverton.
  12. Looks nice with a free Car X 5 looks tidy as well Stephen
  13. If only there was a holiday cottage near i could sell to the wife as a w/e away?? Stephen
  14. Sounds like one for sir Chris Brown he is near or GDC G Coles both Members near I could pop up and have a look but 50 miles away What engine is it and wipers Stephen
  15. Great day out Thanks Derek & Marilyn Good drive, good weather, good company, good food result Stephen & Lesley
  16. Hi the Mt 75 may have one built in http://www.super7thheaven.co.uk/components/mt75-gearbox/ Stephen
  17. You can DIY have a look on youtube an empty pop bottle a large syringe full of carb cleaner length of pipe and a switched 5v supply even used a ultrasound cleaning bath Stephen
  18. stevedohc2b


    Enjoy Steve i might join in in August when 57 If coming south call in. Stephen
  19. Hi what about this http://www.burtonpower.com/clutch-cable-ford-capri-mk1-1-3-1-6-8-72-qcc1005.html more info https://view.publitas.com/burtonpower/2018-catalogue-pages/page/107 Has adjustment at other end stephen
  20. looks like you had quite a lot Bob Stephen
  21. Hi our menu choice Lesley Beef, Brulee Stephen Prawn Cocktail, Lamb, Crumble Thanks stephen/ Lesley
  22. Hi Dan i tried foam ( did not fill completely as kept sender as an arm ) ended up with a swirl pot pumps etc Hope you have more luck as foam was not cheap Stephen
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