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Cv Boots


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hi all,


just had a peer under my boot today to see my cv boots both have spilts in them. they are the bolt on shaft type. does this need a different cv boot to the normal push in type?


also, does anyone have a link to the boots i need?

or what model sierra my back axle was off to help with my searches.


Thanks, Steve

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i did try but the answers that looked most relavent were on the old board so i cant see them.


i'm guessing 2WD cosworth cv boots should do it as iirc they had bolt on driveshafts too


can anyone confirm?


Thanks, Steve

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Guest mower man

Hi if you order cossie boots you will probably get your leg lifted just order from yourlocal spares shop the no of boot req telling them the shafts are bolt on ,you may be able to borrow/hire the fitting tool [witches hat!] from them too HTH mower man :clapping: :good:

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I used stretch boots off ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-x-SLIDE-A-BOOT-MEDIUM-STRETCHY-CV-KITS-FITTING-CONE-/170513137207?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27b35ffe37

There's a thread somewhere and most owners that commented reccommended them they fit various sizes and come with fitting tools and steel securing bands.


Worth a look.



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Guest erichetherington

Did my daughters Civic last weekend with a GKN universal split boot. Just cut to size, clean everything then glue it together and fit fixing bands. Cost me £14 from a local factors, even included grease and gloves. Unless it falls apart rapidly I won't be going back to stripping everything down to fit a boot.

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Guest MartinP

I can also recommend the Panda-tools stretch boots. I replaced all 4 on my drive shafts, only problem was holding the shaft steady on my own.


Still only a 10 minute job to fit each one once you have cut the old one off, much easier with the drive shaft in a vice.



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