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Iva Pass


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Finally passed my retest at Derby this afternoon. Inspection took 20 minutes max as mostly visual stuff.


Thanks to Gaz for his help, both today and also countless times during my long build.

Just the last few DVLA hoops to jump through which started this afternoon with a dash to Worcester DVLA office. Due to traffic, I arrived 2 minutes before they closed! Still, at least they gave me the correct forms to replace the ones Kermit at the Brum office gave me.


I'll be back there first thing Monday and see if I can get a build inspection later in the week.


Nearly there now and chuffed the IVA experience is behind me now.

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Back down to Worcester this morning - they open at 9-00, I was there at 8-20 and was 6th in the queue.


I was seen within 3 minutes, they took my V55/5, my V627/1, my donor V5 and reciept, my kit reciept and my insurance. They booked me in for my Built Up Inspection which is on Wednesday at 10-30 so all being well I should get all my paperwork back and be legal by the weekend - possibly.

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Yes, one of the reasons I chose Worcester as opposed to Birmingham was I thought they might be a bit less busy.


I knew today would be bad as it's the end of the month and people who can't use the internet and pensioners who've had weeks to do it, still have to tax their cars (in fact I was stuck between two old farts in the queue, one was a nice old boy who, like me, was trying to avoid getting drawn into a disussion about Arthur Askey with the other chap who was clearly as mad as a box of frogs and seemed to talk in riddles. A sort of elderly Eric Cantona. Fortunately a late double check of my paperwork kept me out of the discussion and I left them to it).


They, (the staff there, not the old farts), said that once my inspection was done, I could collect my paperwork after 4 on Thursday or else they'd post it out to me. We'll see if they are true to their word.

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Paperwork collected yesterday afternoon from Worcester DVLA (that's 4 trips there in less than a week) but all registered correctly on an age related F plate. The V5 will be sent out to me.


I can get my plates made up this afternoon and then look forward to leaving the car in the garage all weekend due to the bad weather and spend my time swapping the front suspension arms on the Audi instead.

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