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Twin Weber 45's


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40's have a maximum choke Venturi of 33mm fine for a standard Pinto but as soon as you upgrade then the 45's are needed as they will take up to 38mm venturies, good for high 170 to low 180 bhp.

Depending on your tuning plans choke sizes of 34 to 36 are most likely.

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I had 36mm chokes in my DCOE 40s. These ran fine with a standard 2.0 & eventually with a large inlet valve head, & FR32 cam.

No doubt the 45s with 37 or 38 may have got more HP, but would probably have lost some tractability.


IIRC there is a series of articles by a guy (name forgotten, like so much else!!) about suggested setups for DHLAs & DCOEs someone will remember his name...got it....Dave Baker at PUMA race engines.


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