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2.1 Pinto For Sale (Also Twin Webers Sold Separately)

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Im selling my pinto engine because the summer is over and I'm going to be fitting a v8 in its place.


I will be putting this on eBay in October, but I thought I'd give you guys and gals the heads-up first.


The engine block and head was fully rebuilt / machined about 4 years ago by Jem engines and stands more money than I dare think! (all I did was bolt the head to the block and then built up the rest of the engine)


Right then, here goes;


94mm bore (2093cc from memory) 205 block.

Arp cylinder head stud kit

Cometic Multi layer steel head gasket

Calc'd at 10.4:1 cr

Shortened sump


Unleaded Big valve head (45mm inlet and 38.1mm exhaust)

Kent fr32 cam kit

Vernier cam pulley

Accu spark triple electrode spark plugs


New cam belt, idle pulley, water pump, starter motor, alternator at the start of this summer. I'm sure there's more but ive forgot....so just ask.


Being honest, there is a small mark on cylinder 2 bore after an ajusa head gasket failure (rubbish gaskets...avoid at all costs). It hasnt effected compression tho as the last compression test (may 2012) showed a minimum of 205psi on all cylinders but I will be doin another test before sale.


I'm leaving the engine in the car until sold so buyer can hear / see it running.


I'd like £650 Ono


Not included in the sale is the megajolt ignition system, however I still have the electronic dizzy, coil pack etc...(included in sale) to convert it back from the megajolt setup.


Also not included is the twin48 webers on the short ( 1" ) manifold plus linkage, kn filters and also some pipercross socks with trumpets.

Carbs are jetted throughout for the pinto engine (mains, idle, air correction, emulsion tubes etc....) and has 38mm chokes (sized for the engine). The carbs will be sold separately (after the engine hd gone) and I'm hoping for £550 Ono.


The very latest pictures are of the engine in the car taken around april this year

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Id love this..as i was going to buy shafts. but its a bit out of budget

what power is this running out of interest

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i seem to remember it made 130 at the rear wheel....no idea tho what it is at the flywheel.


Make me an offer that's in your budget because I'm open to negociation on the engine side of things....it's just the carbs I want at least £500 for

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A huge thank you to Richard who delivered the engine personally to the middle of nowhere in South Wales.

Top chap.

I am totally chuffed with the engine which has clearly been a labour of love.

I am attaching a couple of pics of the 'engine hoist' we used to move the pinto from the boot of the lexus into my wheel barrow!

Thanks to my neighbour Wyn for the use of the telehandler.

Damned heavy these pintos!








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I had a twin engined lexus for the day....problem was that it used the fuel of 2 engines but only went half as fast as normal!!pmsl


Nice to meet you rod and best of luck with the engine.....I'll email tonight the bits we spoke about.

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Hi, would you be willing to sell the exhaust manifold or whole system seperate to the block??




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