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Replace Sierra Dash

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Hi. I want to change the Sierra dash on my 2b for individual gauges. I am no wiz kid with auto electrics/compatability of gauges. Can someone give me details of the cheapest options PLEASE. I am a joiner to trade and thought of making a wood dash, but what else is available that would look good. You may have worked out already I am new to all this ,I have just bought the car!!


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Made Florin's dash from oil tempered hardboard (NOT MDF) so it could be easily shaped to the scuttle/column switch surround & passenger footwell. Glued/screwed 4 X 2 to the lower edge & whittled this for curved lower edge with correct 38mm diam.as per IVA. Decided positions for dials (Smiths Flight) cut all holes slightly oversize then covered it all in camping mat foam (10/12mm thick) & black vinyl. The foam gives a recessed look to the gauges when they are pulled tight into their holes. Wiring is fairly straight forward;only problem I had was a supplied connector had a broken lead which was mechanically still O.K. Dash is fixed in place with 4 M6 button head machine screws.

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heres mine. plywood faced with fibreglass and covered in carbon vinyl. with etb dials,they are the cheapest around.


wiring wasnt complicated at all..plenty of guys on here would no doubt help out though

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Some info direct from my experience

I fitted electronic speedo which required some sort of electronic input, some type 9 gearboxes and the MT75 have electronic modula

I fitted the magnets and read switch opinion

The rev counters will take a feed from coils, coil packs, ECU's and other feeds

Water temp needs the ford sender replacing with a guage specific one

Oil temp needs a place to fit the sender

Oil pressure needs a T piece fitted to the block for the pressure sender and to retain the standard oil pressure warning light

Fuel guage needs a specific sender fitting to the tank, I did modify the Sierra sender and it now works the right way round

Guage wiring for the smaller guages is simple

Red +VE black -VE I used blue to the sender

Then there is a second +VE for the guage illumination

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