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Robin Hood S7 Rear Suspension

Guest njavis

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Guest njavis

Hi All,


About 6 months ago i bought a half built S7, Since i have been reading that the S7 are more work to get a IVA Pass. I will have lots of question but i would be greatfull if someone would give me advice regarding the rear suspension. the guy who originally built the car put coil over suspension which is great but would you have a look at the attchd picture and give me your comments as im not sure it will pass IVA inspection.


Thanks in advance,



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I passed SVA with the same setup

An S3 passed IVA last year with the same

An Exmo is going through middle of Jan

There is no issue with this as long as its all bolted up solid with thick load spreading washers on the other side


The 4 bolts you can see in the photo, the lower ones need larger load spreading washers

These are the U clamps for the roll bar

You also need plates under the bottom of the roll bar to prevent them pushing through in a crash

As you have a S7 the seat belts attach to the rear of the boot tub, these are to low, a simple fix is another roll bar tube welded across the rollbar higher up which the seat belts loop over, this makes the roll bar the effective seatbelt mount and as such needs to be securely mounted.


Now your head will start to spin with the required mods to pass IVA but its not difficult

You need to look at the rear seatbelt mounting height

The seatbelt fixing plates behind the seats

The steering column support

Dash bottom edge radius

Boxing in the passenger footwell

Sharp edges

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Guest njavis

In the process of rebuilding my engine, nearly ready to fit just trying to decide which camshaft to use, I have been looking at the kentcam FR32 fast road. Does anyone have any experience with that cam or a better alternative?


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I had( still have) an FR32 in an injection head on a 2.1 with bike carbs, 130bhp

It's a good easy on the road cam that will rev to 7500

The injection head is worth 5 to 10 bhp

The cam rated at +16bhp

The Pinto likes compression so at least fit a Rheinz gasket (1.27mm) or the Felpro this will give about 9.7 to 1, ideal would be 10.5 to 1


People tend not to understand that more camshaft duration means the inlet valve closes later so the piston is further up the bore before the mixture is compressed, this has the effect of lowering compression ratio, so you increase static comp ratio to compensate


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Guest njavis

Thanks Snapperpaul for the info, my engine spec so far:

Standard 205 block from a low mileage Vehicle

Standard head which I have just had skimmed (to give a little more compression)

Felpro Head Gasket

Valves regrind/seated

New valve seals

New Newman camshaft followers

New Double Valve Springs

Twin 40 Dellorto carbs

Standard Sump

It will have a new Kent Cam FR32 (when I can afford it)

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