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Hazards Not Working But Indicators Do..?

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I'm hoping one of you genuis's out there can help a novice... :sorry:


Indicators work OK but my hazards don't! I've checked the fuses (all OK) and I've replaced the switch and relay but still no joy?


If I disconnect the hazard switch the indicators don't work, if I flick the hazard switch on then the indicators also don't work! If the hazard switch is connected but not turned on then the indicators then work again...


I don't know very much about car electrics, well actually I know nothing, but I've done the basics and come up with a blank.


Please tell me I'm being stupid, or more helpfully, can anyone enlighten me? :acute:





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three spade flasher relay

sierra switches

did work but now dosent


indicators work so most of the system must be ok.


the only difference when you operate the hazard switch is that the feed to the flasher unit is switched from an ignition feed to a perminant feed, AND the indicator switch (left right) is taken out of circuit and both the left and right circuits are connected together, and to the output of the flasher unit.


This is done by two switches on a printed circuit inside the left switch gear.


first check feed to flasher, think its 49a. Check it first with ignition on hazard off, then ignition off hazard on. should have 12volt either way, if not check output to from 49a of switch, if no, check feed to hazard switch pin 30. if that checks out prob switch. strip and clean, or replace.


if feed present it will be the cross over switch, strip and clean, or replace.


hope this helps

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Thanks knights_templar


I didn't build the car so I don't know what bubbings have come from what, but the relay is 12v 30a 4 spade, the switch appears to be off a mini - that is what I've replaced as it looked identical, but the wiring appears to be a home-made loom rather than a standard ford thing...

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I had same problem but I suspect the cause was very specific to my car. A spider had made its home in my switch and died there jamming the contacts. Might be worth stripping the switch to check for mumified corpses (it is nearly Halloween)

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Thanks both...


You know earlier when I said I was a complete novice - well more like an idiot!


After both of your messages I went back out to the garage to go through everything again... I traced some of the wires back to another seperate small fuse box and guess what - it was a fuse! I stole the same ampage out of my daughters car to test and bingo - my hazards now work!


So the lesson is simple... check, check and double check...


I feel a tad stupid but you would think I'd be used to that by now! :crazy:

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It is NEVER stupid asking questions, the kit car thing is a massive learning curve for all of us.

Even as a time served mechanic I regularly asked questions during my build and what's more always got an answer, or the pi... s taken but that's what makes this place so brilliant.


Like it has been said many many times "the only stupid question is the one you don't ask"

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