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Speed Education Course


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I'm not sure if others find the same but i think the signs that show you your speed and tell you if you are speeding are really good and should be invested in.


There are roads where there have been temporary ones and i know automatically think to ensure that i haven't crept up that extra few mph, even though the signs are no longer there.


Whilst i don't love sat navs that much i do think they are fantastic for speed limit information. There are loads of roads where the speed limit could be 40, 50 or 60 and dual carrageways that are 50. It only takes a second to miss the posted sign and you have a fine. Between gloucester and oxford is bad as a lot of it is 50 but there are sections of 60. There is a speed camera on the 60 bit but people are often confused and panic that it is a 50 and slow suddenly when they see it. I would argue that it is actually more likely to cause an accident.

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Sat navs are great for that sort of thing. Mine, so I assume most of, also has a setting so that should you stray over a speed limit it will warn you. Doesn't always work, if the volume is up while listening to some Slim Whitman, you might miss it......


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cpc load of old guff trouble is the money grabbers are doing it to just about every job out there making you pay again and again just so you can keep working dissgracefull its another stealth tax on the workers so they can keep paying the scroungers

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One point to bear in mind is .............. if you get "done" again with in 12 months you will be "gifted" the 3 points you have avoided by doing the speed awareness course and then given the new 3 points, so for a year you have a "suspended" over you head and you can't do the awareness again.


That's interesting Ian - where did you hear that they can impose the penalty points for the original offence?

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Hi Robin, they told us the same thing....


Also CPC is the reason I'm packing up early......Having read the DVLA instructions & exceptions I'm convinced that driving

a Mobile Library is exempt......but DVLA refuse to confirm or deny any individual exceptions, but state that only a court case will determine

if I am driving legally or not.......what a load of B****cks.


Bromley Council is taking the easy way out & insisting all their drivers need it.

I'm not prepared to spend 5 days of my own time sitting bored in a classroom so s*d 'em

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Thanks Ian & Bob.


I have to say I can't find any provision for it and I think your course organisers were being economical with the truth. (stand by to be corrected :help: ).


BOB - the exemptions to the CPC are here https://www.gov.uk/driver-cpc-exemptions-examples (you've probably already looked) but I can't see an exemption that would cover you (dependant on the distance you travel from the "depot").

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That's something I didn't know.


I have had my licence from 1981 and already has the C1 C1E D1 and D1E. I know this means I can drive vehicles of this size, but I was not aware of this CPC until it was mentioned on here.


It seems very confusing as to whether I would need this though. It all seems very vague. Is it a new thing that's started recently?



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It doesnt state specifically about a mobile library, but para 2 seems to cover it...

You don’t need Driver CPC if the vehicle you drive is:

  • used for non-commercial carriage of passengers or goods for personal use
  • used to carry material or equipment you use for your job - but driving the vehicle can’t be the main part of your job
  • used for driving lessons for anyone who wants to get a driving licence or a Driver CPC
  • used by, or is under the control of, the armed forces, civil defence, the fire service and forces responsible for maintaining public order
  • used in states of emergency or for rescue missions
  • driven to or from pre-booked appointments at official testing centres
  • driven within 50 km of your base, is not carrying passengers or goods, and driving a lorry, bus or coach is not your main job

My job is to issue books, which I carry, using a laptop, which I carry...no passengers,

Just like Driver B & driver C in the following examples under


Vehicles carrying material or equipment to be used in the course of the driver’s work



But like I say, Bromley has issued a blanket requirement, which means that of the 3 of us that drive the van, after 8th September,

we are down to one....& librarians with CPC, who can & will drive a 7.5 ton vehicle are a bit thin on the ground!!!!

The likley result is that they will scrap the service, leaving residential homes, care homes, nurseries, & primary schools with little or no access to reading/listening material.

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for the last 6 years the only driving work i have been dooing is mobile grandstands which not a full time job and we dont get paid to drive we get paid for setting up the grandstand so the boss explained to the powers that be all they said was no you have to take the cpc but as bobs rules and exceptions show its all a bit vague so allthough there are exceptions there are no exceptions because theres money to be grabbed

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