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Ford Sierra Dohc

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yes please iv pulled the far two end leads off and not sure if they are on the correct ones ?


I think at the moment one of the best investments you could make would be a Haynes workshop manual.


Not that you wont get your answers here, it will help you understand more about what you are doing.

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Find the lead that's on No1 spark plug (front of engine) and its other end on the distributor. No 3 lead (2nd from back of engine) goes next to No1 on the distributor then No 4 lead.


(The above is I'm assuming you still have leads 1 and 2 on the distributor)

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This is the way mine was set up

As has been said, put the engine to tdc then remove dizzy cap and rotor arm should be pointing to number one lead and then leads should follow clock wise on dizzy cap 1342

No.1 spark plug at front of engine





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Not sure on the DOHC but it may be the distributor has been fitted in a different position so although the leads are in the right order they are in the wrong positions if that makes sense. You need to check that no 1 cylinder is at tdc on its compression stroke when the rotor arm is pointing to lead 1. On a pinto its quite easy toremove the plug, put your thumb over the plug hole and you can feel the pressure build up but not so easy unless you are Mr tickle on a DOHC.

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Will be checking this on Sunday - if all fails i'm booking it in for a rolling road session. The only reason i'm holding off of on doing this is that i need to run the engine in, loosen it up and then get it rolling roaded.

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