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Stabbed Pinto Sump


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What is a fair price to charge the council for the replacement shortened sump. I was crossing a cattle grid but it was damaged

and piece of steel came up and stopped me dead with a big hole in the sump. Away the he grid won`t rust away now.


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Councils aren't all tight fisted. I had a windscreen broken by their use of "tar and gravel" road surfacing. (You know the type I mean, the sort that bikers hate - kind of like 20 grit sandpaper ...)


I managed to get the excess paid for by them. Mind, that was a few years ago ... :)



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Ouch. Don't you have to remove engine to replace sump, that must be at least half a day labour. Refill oil and coolant. Maybe best to get a quote and use that, you can always do it yourself afterwards. At least you have your own engine crane! Bri

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