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Paraffin Heater On Diesel ?

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Ive got a paraffin heater to keep the chill off in the garage.


Can it be run on red diesel, as I can get that cheap , paraffin is expensive long term .

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Be very careful -- burning one litre of diesel/ heating oil (28sec) / paraffin will put one litre of water into the garage -- so if not well vented (& it probably won't be cause the doors shut to keep the warmth in) & all your shiney bits/tools will be red-rusty in days.


Plus you will be breathing the products of combustion; the answer is electric heating (expensive.) or a wood burner with proper chimney.

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cheers for the replys .


it do work on gas oil ,got the flame low enough not to smoke. its only to keep the frost away , garage is a little damp ,hopefully sorting this year.


@ florin ..it is well vented ,all seems ok so far. electric is impossible ,wood burner impractical too, as the garage is remote from my house.

interested to see how the burning diesel puts water into the garage ,my idea is to remove the chill to stop damp, will this make it worse ??

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From what I remember ( so may not be gospel) all hydrocarbons when burnt in air will produce water vapour -- "smoke" is mainly dirty water vapour -- check your car exhaust on start-up on a cold morning, the visible output from the exhaust is water vapour; or hold a thickish sheet of metal over the hot "air" coming from your greenhouse heater -- the plate will get wet before it gets hot. HTH

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I recon leave it out unless you are working in there and want to warm your hands now and then. There is also the danger that if it gets tipped over somehow. Always some rubbish knocking about in the garage to soak up the fuel and catch fire.

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