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Rolling Road Result

Al Milton

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Did the rolling road run yesterday at BD Engineering at Newington (near Sittingbourne).


This was the first time I have ever looked at the ECU (my own fault I know). The ECU didn't have the emissions map, so a quick e-mail to Richard at GBS soon got that sent over and downloaded to the ECU.

A check on the emissions showed the power map was spot on at 3000rpm, but way out on tickover for both CO & Hydrocarbons.


We then had a bit of a problem trying to switch to the emissions map, (the ECU appeared locked). So a quick call to GBS and a chat with Simon soon agreed that the best thing to do was adjust the fuelling slightly on tickover on the power map.


After a couple of adjustments (sorry it's all black magic and witchcraft), the emissions were well within the MOT pass. So bonus time!!


We then did a power map - just to be curious.

See dyno printout attached.Dyno Run.pdf


Needless to say I am very happy with the result. I'll never use the full range, but it's nice to know it's there.


I'd just like to say thanks to Richard and Simon at GBS for their help at short notice - sometimes we are quick to criticise but not so quick when it comes to providing positive feedback.


Also I'd recommend BD Engineering (01795 843980). If you are in Kent and need a session on a rolling road, then give Andy a call, i'm sure he'll be able to help.




Edit: The emissions did pass MOT requirements.

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