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Robin Hood En France


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I am the happy owner of a robin hood, I look for information on this car.



She was registered in your club because there is a label on the windscreen in 2012.

- Would be him possible to find the manufacturer of this robin hood?

- what is the year of manufacturing of this frame?

- I shall want to know what typifies of engine of windscreen wiper is installed.

- Have you photos of pedals cubicle? Because mine is too close to the seat …

- Where may I find a textbook of manufacturing of the car? (PDF?)

- I look for lighthouses in 5 "

- I look for a condom(hood,great-coat) of roof

- How do you install(do settle) a spare wheel? Make you reinforcements of the back panel(sign)?

- It seems that the meter is the one of a Ford rave-up MK1, can you confirm it to me?


- What is what the reduction wheels, box, bridge(deck), meter gives the good speed?

- Can we install(settle) an electronic ignition on the engine 1600 l ford?


Sorry for the translation but I am French and do not well speak English …

I translate my text with Reverso …


I hope that it does not make you too many questions.


Good evening.


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Can you tell us the registration number of this car.

I will not be able to help you out as I am only a recent member myself.

This information might be of use to someone from the club that knows the car and it's previous owners.

I think it is worth trying but the more information you can give, the better your chance of success.


Welcome to the club and I hope you are successful in your hunt.

Regards, Ken

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Hi try this for identification http://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm and let us know what you have.


is your engine the 1.6 ohc (pinto) or the ohv (kent crossflow)


the pinto looks a bit like this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SqnWgshSDUE/UJUu5oHGlHI/AAAAAAAAAds/mR3m7JopX0I/s1600/engine.jpg


the crossflow like http://www.heperformance.com/customer_rides/9BS2K5X/031ce077a25cb9eec30304c34b835894.JPG


note - exhausts exit on different sides


Both should be convertable to electronic ignition. once you know what you have.


where abouts in france are you?

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Thank you for your great fast answers.

Hello, N is VRG 121Y.

I have the name of a person on V5 but I do not know if I has to give him to the forum...

It would be a S7 mk1 sierra but I do not know the year of production.

It seems to me that the engine is a pinto one.

The car is in conduct to the right and the jar escape is to the right also.

I am in has Limoges.Good evening.

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Hi some answers...

the most usual wiper motor is from a mini, the old one, not the new BMW one.



The spare wheel mounts on the back of the car resting on the rear hoop, and

bolts to the back panel with a long stud through one of the wheel stud holes.

The panel must be reinforced usually with plywood.


Kitspares are selling an S7 manual....



This company has a good selection of headlights (phares)



Hope that helps,


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thank you for your answers.

My engine windscreen wipers is not a mini.

here is the picture:

the problem is that the diameter of my arm is larger than that of the mechanism so they swim in it ...


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