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Camping At Pickering

ivan the terrible

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Swimbo has had a right old go at me when she found I was camping out.

Can't really blame her cos she doesn't want to see me in hospital.

Still coming though and will stay for Saturday evening.

If I drink I will get a taxi back to the hotel, hoping that some kind member might pick me up Sunday morning.

If not, taxi it will be, back from Wetherby.

At least my car should be safer with you lot than in an open hotel car park.

I'm also glad swimbo paid. Could stay in London cheaper.

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Diesel petrol. Petrol diesel. What's the difference.

I will tell you before the rest get in first.

I have been looking forward to today for quite some time.

Set out in good time, enough time to detour to Tractors place from the A1.

Got there in good time just as Jan's completed his road test.

Happy with the car and off he and nice lady go.

Cup of tea and Cris packs up.

Before leaving Chris says he will need fuel in around 60 mile or so. Ok I say, I will follow you in.

Filled up at Mark am Moor svs, and pulled around the back to eat our butties and sup our coffee.

Ok then let's go. Well really suprized mine would not start and just puffing smoke out.

Have you put diesel in he asks.

No says I. I allways put V power in it and that's what the pump said.

Check your receipt Ken the wise man says.

Guess what, he was bang on.

After waiting forever for the RAC to arrive and pumping out the diesel mixture off we go.

Good laugh when we got there as everyone was waiting there for me.


Moral of the story, when you think you know all about everything, and after laughing at lots of others when getting called out to fix them, don't whatever you do go out and make the same stupid imbasilic mistake yourself. Especially on your way to a weekend event with other club members. LoL

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i put diesel in a petrol the sinking feeling i got when i realised what i was doing just under £10 put in made a phone call was told to fill up with petrol and run it


BIG MISTAKE it didnt run right again good job it was my boss who told me to do it as it was his van






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