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Camping At Pickering

ivan the terrible

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Hi all , just an update on the curry for the Saturday night , we're sorting the curry,if anyone wants rice and a bread of any kind then you will have to sort yourselves out,unfortunately we're unable to do all that for everyone, also make sure that you have something to eat with and out of ,looking forward to it,see you all Friday


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If it will fit in we were thinking of bringing the old club bbq with us and picking up some burgers and buns for day time eats for club members with usual honesty pot to cover cost if this would be of interest. Saves buying expensive event food. Would get catering pack 48 burgers and buns if all interested.

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No passenger this trip.

As long as I leave the hood off, I can eat and drink whatever comes my way.

Even runny egg, fried onions, cabbage.

I will make sure my tent can breath and leave my sleeping bag open.

That's because I don't want to float away into the stars.

Erm is methane lighter or heavier than fresh air?

I know with the correct mixture with oxygen and an ignition source, it can be explosive.

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