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Flush Fitting Fog Lights


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Hi all

has anyone any idea where to get flush fitting rear fog lights with adjustable lenses to accommodate the angle of the rear panel??

had a look around just cant seem to find any surely they must exist. SVA compliant of course.

also are led bulbs SVA compliant when fitted in standard light fittings, has anyone passed an SVA with them fitted?






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I used bog standard rectangular rear fog and reversing lights and made a wooden wedge which I painted with black plastidip for the fog light and reversing light to bring them 90 degrees to the road.


The wedges were going to "fall off" after IVA but they never did.

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Don't know if it helps, but this is what I did


I've used an LED fog light (thats clear when off) and mounted it in a clear mounting ring. I've then cut an elliptical hole in the pack panel big enough for the mounting ring to fit though when vertical. I've then held it all in place with metal filler compound. It's sitting at right angles to the road & it's in the same point on the opposite side to the filler cap to balance it out & it keeps the fog light well away from the OS light cluster.


Just an idea for you?

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Guest 2b cruising

Isn't there a hight restriction that must be followed.

Save them glowing direct into eye line of following cars.

I've seen a diagram of lighting dimensions somewhere on the forum but can't remember where.

I have found the front diagram, posted by Ian and Carol.

He is a good bloke so I think if you PM him he might have a rear possition diagram.

If yours does need to be moved don't despair about the hole.

Turn your tank around and mount you filler in it.



ps, where did you get the light from.

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Thanks for that I was thinking of something like that except the ones I have are square, I think the custom guys used to call it Frenching.

I'm just trying to do it the easy way as usual.

as for the height the SVA manual states minimum 250mm maximum 1000mm minimum distance from rear light 100mm so I would say your well in.



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I went off of this picture:


& I did check them in the IVA manual too, so hopefully I'm ok.


Got the light from:


(I think - it's been a while since I got it, but I don't remember it being that sort of price!)


Thanks guys

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