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  1. Mine won't be built until way after that
  2. Just thought (probably should have before), it looks higher on the photo as it was on a pair of workmates at the time - sorry!!
  3. I went off of this picture: http://www.disco3.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/32890/IVA_Light_Positions.pdf & I did check them in the IVA manual too, so hopefully I'm ok. Got the light from: http://www.s-v-c.co.uk/product/ultrabright-inner-led-fog-clear-lens/ (I think - it's been a while since I got it, but I don't remember it being that sort of price!) Thanks guys
  4. Don't know if it helps, but this is what I did : I've used an LED fog light (thats clear when off) and mounted it in a clear mounting ring. I've then cut an elliptical hole in the pack panel big enough for the mounting ring to fit though when vertical. I've then held it all in place with metal filler compound. It's sitting at right angles to the road & it's in the same point on the opposite side to the filler cap to balance it out & it keeps the fog light well away from the OS light cluster. Just an idea for you?
  5. Very nice - one very jealous Zero owner!
  6. If it's refracted a few times then does it end up to the rear of where it started . . . . . . in other words - "It's behind you" 'tis the season after all
  7. We've used the alarm PIR's as Santa-Cam's for years. If you look at them and the red light is on, then he's watching how you're behaving. Needless to say if you're watching the PIR, the red light is always on . Works really well if you're out somewhere where behaviour is a little more 'important'. Present's might not be rattle-proof, but with two Landrovers in the family, they're used to rattling noises & not being able to work out what's making the it
  8. Liking this idea - not got to that stage yet, but I'll have a good look at it when I'm a but closer
  9. 101 Uses for a 'not quite finished' Zero in December: Go on then I'll kick this off with no1: With three kids in the house, we have to be a little inventive so whilst it's not quite a slay but this: .......becomes this : .....which is how it looks all too often, so when someone goes in to get their bike out they're none the wiser Happy Christmas everyone!!
  10. Would liked to have come along, but we're already out - hope you have a good turn out though, sure someone will have my mince pie
  11. Hello & welcome, nice looking build so far
  12. Used it for a few years with our boys when they were younger - they really found it magical, will be setting one up for our daughter this year.
  13. Great build blog fella, just read it since my 5-yr old daughter decided at 4:30am this morning that it was time to get up. Despite my best efforts, by 5:00am we came downstairs & started watching cbeebies on the iPlayer - still sane (well, no more insane anyway ). Inspired me to get back in the garage & get a bit more done to my Zero
  14. Congrats - roll on the good weather..... ah
  15. Terrible news, just terrible - incredible anyone can think such action is appropriate to their cause. Thoughts go out to all involved, family, friends, emergency & military teams having to deal with it & those trying to live their civilised daily lives there at the moment.
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