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  1. Mine won't be built until way after that
  2. Just thought (probably should have before), it looks higher on the photo as it was on a pair of workmates at the time - sorry!!
  3. I went off of this picture: http://www.disco3.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/32890/IVA_Light_Positions.pdf & I did check them in the IVA manual too, so hopefully I'm ok. Got the light from: http://www.s-v-c.co.uk/product/ultrabright-inner-led-fog-clear-lens/ (I think - it's been a while since I got it, but I don't remember it being that sort of price!) Thanks guys
  4. Don't know if it helps, but this is what I did : I've used an LED fog light (thats clear when off) and mounted it in a clear mounting ring. I've then cut an elliptical hole in the pack panel big enough for the mounting ring to fit though when vertical. I've then held it all in place with metal filler compound. It's sitting at right angles to the road & it's in the same point on the opposite side to the filler cap to balance it out & it keeps the fog light well away from the OS light cluster. Just an idea for you?
  5. Very nice - one very jealous Zero owner!
  6. If it's refracted a few times then does it end up to the rear of where it started . . . . . . in other words - "It's behind you" 'tis the season after all
  7. We've used the alarm PIR's as Santa-Cam's for years. If you look at them and the red light is on, then he's watching how you're behaving. Needless to say if you're watching the PIR, the red light is always on . Works really well if you're out somewhere where behaviour is a little more 'important'. Present's might not be rattle-proof, but with two Landrovers in the family, they're used to rattling noises & not being able to work out what's making the it
  8. Liking this idea - not got to that stage yet, but I'll have a good look at it when I'm a but closer
  9. 101 Uses for a 'not quite finished' Zero in December: Go on then I'll kick this off with no1: With three kids in the house, we have to be a little inventive so whilst it's not quite a slay but this: .......becomes this : .....which is how it looks all too often, so when someone goes in to get their bike out they're none the wiser Happy Christmas everyone!!
  10. Would liked to have come along, but we're already out - hope you have a good turn out though, sure someone will have my mince pie
  11. Hello & welcome, nice looking build so far
  12. Used it for a few years with our boys when they were younger - they really found it magical, will be setting one up for our daughter this year.
  13. Great build blog fella, just read it since my 5-yr old daughter decided at 4:30am this morning that it was time to get up. Despite my best efforts, by 5:00am we came downstairs & started watching cbeebies on the iPlayer - still sane (well, no more insane anyway ). Inspired me to get back in the garage & get a bit more done to my Zero
  14. Congrats - roll on the good weather..... ah
  15. Terrible news, just terrible - incredible anyone can think such action is appropriate to their cause. Thoughts go out to all involved, family, friends, emergency & military teams having to deal with it & those trying to live their civilised daily lives there at the moment.
  16. Thanks, just at the same point myself, got three of the four bonnet catches on (ran out of time & wasn't going to turn down a Sunday lunch!) & there looks to be a lot of wriggle-room, so going to put some pins in to make it easier to put the bonnet on.
  17. Think I've just found the answer thanks to Shaft's build gallery : Looks like it's coming out again or at least being pulled forward for a little for a bit of a diet curtsey of the angry grinder or one of his friends
  18. Well managed to get just shy of 3hrs in the garage today to had a bash at getting the engine to the right end of the car to start with. One thing lead to another & I ended up with this: which became this: ....and then this: All good I start to think! Then got the engine mounts fitted into place & found that the bell housing starter motor cover bit is touching the transmission tunnel side (not the best photo I'm afraid): Done a bit of searching on here & I've found a few vague references to cutting the bell housing around the starter area to make it fit, but I can't anything substantial. Does anyone know if I've done something wrong or do I take the angry-grinder to the bell housing to trim a corner off? Thanks in advance Marcus
  19. Landie71


    .... but if it gets too well known, it'll get used more, wear out & the inevitable roadworks will appear - perhaps we'd better not let too many people know
  20. I'll let you know, to be honest though it doesn't look too bad with them in place. I might sometime at it this weekend, or it could be weeks before I get back to it (we have a very 'lively' family!) Cheers Marcus
  21. Thanks - enjoying doing it albeit taking so much longer than I first planned - but that was before our now 5-year old daughter made an appearance. Still she liked it today when she could climb in & out herself. Managed to get the engine & gearbox mated together this afternoon so guess what's going to be next on the agenda??
  22. Did you paint the chassis that colour yourself? - Yep, didn't have a grown-up help me or anything . Used one of these to get an even application around all the fiddly bits: worked rather well really, did the floor with a good old fashioned brush though to get a thicker layer on.......& I'll be doing the drivers floor again soon, now I've mopped up all the spilt brake fluid. And out of curiosity, why have you got a brake line across that front chassis bar? - just sort of seemed an easy route to get it to the nearside, could have gone along the bulkhead, but out with the offside one just worked for me.
  23. Thanks Mick - appreciate it, I'd not forgotten, hopefully get to meet up at some point soon. Cheers Marcus
  24. Thanks guys - erm don't feel quite so silly sitting in the drivers seat last night going, click-click, vrooooom now!!! This mornings job is to find homes for all the stuff that was stored under the car until last night, then hopefully find a buyer for a fireplace we took out of the lounge last December so I can get it to line up with a door. Might look at getting the engine & transmission together & seeing how it might fit in as the next job, really feels like its coming together now. Just wish I could make it to the local pub meet, but it's on the same night as I have another meeting & I can't be in the two places at once, hey-ho eh?
  25. Hi all Know I'm not the most prolific poster on here - spend more time reading than writing. After struggling to bleed the brakes on the Zero, even using a Gunston's Easy Bleed I concluded the master cylinder must have faulty seals in it so ordered another one (brake pedal went straight to the end of its travel with very little resistance at the wheels). Put the new MC in yesterday & got exactly the same - mildly annoying to say the least. Anyway more rummaging around on here & found a few posts about bleeding the rear disc callipers & them needing to be taken off & held above the discs to get the bleed nipple as high as possible. Tried it & hey-presto one firm brake pedal - so a BIG THANK YOU to all who have posted about this - it's stopped me barmy about it!! I then got a bit excited & decided it was time to get the Zero off my two workmates & onto the floor so out came the engine crane, a couple of axle stands & trolley jack. The front came down onto the axle stands easily enough, then when I lifted & started to lower the rear, I can't have got the angles quite right as it rocked on the stands forward a bit & into the pillar between the two garage doors - not far prob only 6" but enough to make it look quite dramatic. I had a bit of an idea it might to I'd put an old bit of wood at the front to protect it. Anyway no harm done & it's now down on the floor. I've got some dollies to move it sideways now, but I need to clear some more stuff from the garage to get it out. Actually sat in a Zero for the first time last night - probably should have tried one at the factory before I bought the kit, but never got round to it - anyway the good news is I do fit!! Feel it's quite a pivotal (sorry for the pun) moment for the Zero build & had to share it with someone . So today's thing is to try & squeeze a bit more garage time as it's half-term this week & I've taken the week off to be with the kids - mind you two out the three want to be in the Zero so now it's on the floor I can actually let them in it!! Anyway a few pictures of the evening - apologies for the blurriness of some of them, my 11yr old lad was quite excited & couldn't hold the camera still & press a the button at the same time!
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