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Iva On Friday


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test is almost upon us (friday 20th at 0800), 1 thing i need help on.


registration plate - what do i need for front plates for test, or do i not need anything?


i appreciate i don't need a plate, but is there anything needed.


thanks for your help

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I think that with the rear in addition to the above it must be clear that there is enough flat space for plate -- either oblong single row of numbers/letters or nearly square for 2 rows.


Not sure if 3 rows (like army plates ) are still O.K.


Check & check again with the manual -- may save £90.

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2 bb. Stop shaking, my screen cannot focus so quickly.


Good luck on Friday.

If you do pass the first time, you will be one of the few.

In other words absolutely no shame in failing and getting a to do list.

The testers are mere humans after all. Just the same as you and I. Nothing to be afraid of.


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Test now complete and safely home recovering.


The 2 lads at Leighton Buzzard were very good and helpful and i would say a fair test in my view, no "grey" issues.


upshot is a fail, which has created a new TO DO list.


Failed on hydrocarbons too high, CO2s were good though.


5 bits of trim edging including lower dash, 1 switch in wrong area.


and a cock up with the Vin plate. (axle weights and total weight wrong way round).


all in all a pretty good result as far as what i was expecting.


typically the car ran well until entered the gates of the test centre, then started playing up on ignition we believe, reckon a new distributor is required, which is probably not a suprise as its the one from 1988!!!


Info for other builders- used Burtons book for engine details. No need for trim on bonnet louvres, seat belt anchors, used factory ones.

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Well done John.

Your list is a small and easily rectified one.

I hope you rebook straight away as delay increases greatly by the day.

If you are in for a new sissy, I would recommend an electronic one.

This fault could even be a part of your Imissions fault.

As far as louvres, I would still recommend fitting a buffer rubber to the first couple of rows to other members due for testing.

This is because of first hand knowledge of a failure at Gillingham.

It is a grey area. If you follow the rules word for word, it is best to fit them just in case.


They are simple and cheap to put on. Easier still to remove.

Once again well done and it won't be long until you start grinning like a Cheshire Cat.😬😬😬😬😬😬

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Actually i am pleased with my fail - strange comment i know but i have been reading the forum for 18 months now and other peoples experiences puts a bit of a fear factor into the whole process.Especially with the variance of opinion at the test centres.


now i need a edge trim 19mm radius for my dash lower edge..

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powerspark dizzy kit now apparently on its way.


can anyone tell me what i do about the old amplifier for the bosch dizzy?


do i just bypass it altogether or do i use some of the wires for the new kit?

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