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Basic Maintenance Checks


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hi all, I'll shortly be putting my baby 2B away for the winter (apart from the odd spin on a nice day) I'm keeping it in a shipping container over this period. I'm new to kit car ownership. is there any maintenance/prep I should do before it goes away? also, is there any ongoing maintenance throughout the winter? there is no electric supply to the container, can anyone recommend any good moisture absorbers?



ps I have hood and doors plus a good all weather cover. should I keep these on whilst the car is in storage or should I let it 'breathe'?

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Fully charge and then disconnect the battery. Slightly over fill the tyres or jack the car up off the ground to prevent flat spots (although I don't do that and have never had that as an issue). Make sure the anti freeze mix is correct and not old. If the car was wet when put away then dry as much off as you can including the brake discs. Leave in gear with the hand brake off.

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