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Vin Number

Guest Kamran

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Hi i've nearly completed my 2b and about to start the paperwork, just would like to check if i'm not missing anything

1) IVA 1C application form

2) Amateur build declaration

3) pictures & invoices

4) Payment

And do i have to sent the v5 for the donor car. And where do i get the VIN number for the kit car, do i need to apply for one and if so how? Thank you

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It's really very simple - you simply write a letter to the DVLA requesting one. My local DVLA branch advised me to do this. The text of my letter was simply :-


"Dear Sirs,

I am constructing a self-build kit car and would like to stamp the VIN number into the chassis in accordance with the IVA regulations. My local DVLA branch in <wherever> advised me that the correct process is to contact yourselves and request a new VIN number for allocation on my vehicle. Therefore please accept this letter as a formal request to the above.
If I can assist you with any queries please do not hesitate to call me on 01xxx xxxxxx.

Yours faithfully,"

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You are no longer allowed to make up your own number, I tried this in 2015. You need to apply to DVLA, and wait for the reply!

When I went through the registration process, I was advised that not only could I not choose my own vin, but I should get a registered motor factor to stamp the DVLA supplied vin into the chassis. They sent a returns form for the garage to stamp. I did the job myself, and got my friendly MOT station to stamp the returns form.

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You can see the idea behind their approach - I mean, technically speaking, the VIN has to be totally unique and since DVLA are the master owners of the data (only they have access to the database of VINs, so only they can truly arbitrate a unique number to you) then the "proper" way to do it is to simply ask them. I mean, it's a letter and a postage stamp. Why fuss over it?


As has been said, many people in the past have made up their own and let's face it, given the number of characters, the chances of getting a unique number are pretty good, particularly as it used to be that all kits started with "SABTVA"...


There has been some inconsistencies over the years but with all 4 kit cars I've owned, they've always used DVLA-assigned chassis numbers, and I'm talking well back into the 90's prior to SVA.

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You probably have more chance of winning the lottery than picking a matching 17 digit code, given that each letter has 24 choices & numbers 8 --- is that allowing every soul on planet earth their own ?? More to do with DVLA making work -- will be a change from concocting new job & task anagrams. :sorry:

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Guest PaulB49

I've just sent my IVA forms and they seem to have accepted my made up vin number. So far anyway its only been 2 weeks since I sent them off. And they have used my vin emails.

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