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What Bob said... AFR will take time to stabilise, so on transitions you'll see peaks all over the place that can be a little alarming, but as long as it settles within a second or so of constant throttle/load you should have a good figure. The biggest worry of course is leaning out on WOT but keep your ears open for any pinking and you can generally just "tell" if it's not pulling right/consistent across the range.


I like to use the datalogging feature to capture runs and then review in a layby, rather than trying to watch the screen and check what's happening - it's not practical and the update rate is hard to judge. Looking at a graph over time, showing engine speed, throttle position (or MAP), injector timing and lambda is much more obvious to me to spot where the issues are.


As has been said many a time, I've done all my mapping on the road on several cars and it will get you a well behaving car that won't destroy itself (certainly N/A anyway, I won't speak for that forced induction wizardry :D ), despite what rolling road tuners will tell you, *but* for the best power results you just have to do a rolling road session. The problem with road mapping is the technique - you have to master holding constant load at constant engine speeds, and in powerful cars like ours there aren't steep enough hills to do that, so it's left foot braking.


Going out and just blatting it everywhere will do *bleep* all for your part-throttle map.

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