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Rounding My Nut Off.


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There is a Rover fuel filter in the GTM.

It's probably the original one which makes it about 15 years old. Time for a change then, however it refuses to come off. The fuel lines seem to be welded to it because no matter what I have tried (wd 40, constant pressure on the nuts overnight) they refuse to undo. Now the corners are rounding off, so any tips for for troublesome nuts?

Apart from a medic....🙄

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I've used nut splitters in the past when things became desperate. I have a set of sockets for removing seized nuts. They have curved bladed edges rather than flats and dig in when you tighten up. You just select the one that is a tight fit and tap it on. You do however need a bit of flat for it to work and there is always the risk that you may shear the bolt off. Once they have been used the nut is scrap. Irwin make them, think I got them off ebay.

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