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Dear Lord, who would spend £3k+ on that? That's a late night, alcohol-fuelled eBay mistake... :-)


I mean, what happened to those rear wheel arches? I'm useless with a tape measure but even I wouldn't get them that far out...

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I must be the only one who gets this. It's an unmodified Scimitar chassis and a new body. Those two things in bold mean that it keeps it's tax exempt status and the V5 will be changed to have the description of HOT ROD (or whatever else he's chosen to call it). No mention of Reliant or Scimitar on the V5 and 100% legal.


Once this is sorted out, you could moved the fuel tank from under the boot floor, shorten the chassis and stick any fibreglass repo body body on it. Then you've got a 10k, correctly registered car.


This is similar thinking to what evildave has done (only he's used a 2B chassis and produced a brilliant car), showing what can be done with some clever thinking.

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So are you saying to cut n shut the chassis? Not entirely sure thats legal is it? Suspension pickup points will not be in same place, therefore surely it will need an iva/sva/whatever-the-dvla-try-to do-to-stop-us.


And i think its unfair on Stevie Wonder, he would have made a better job of it.

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I'm with Richy....its a pretty good basis for whatever you want to finish it off as.

I know a replacement chassis under an original body needs IVA (except for new MGB bodyshells,

they seem to have made a deal with DVLA), but I dont believe a modified chassis needs an IVA.

The DVLA has a category of RAV (radically altered vehicle) which may be applicable?


As usual its not clear....RAV needs a new, or unmodified chassis to keep the original reg,

but will get a Q plate if it has been modified.

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My point comes from this,


You can replace a chassis for another chassis of different make and or designs, providing the suspension pick-up points are in the same place.


This is how us Lotus Elan and others get to keep ourselfs out of the brown smelly stuff. We use a Spyder Cars chassis, which has pick ups in the same place plus extras to use a modified system.

Perhaps this is why the MGB Heritage Shells can be used in same way.


So i was thinking of this as the basis of my comment above, surely by cutting and reducing wheel base you are in effect moving these pick-up points.


Below is the original description from the gentleman that built it:




I cant see where it says its an unmodified chassis. So in my mind unless im missing something its a new chassis which will need to be registered within the rules.

And that i can not see happening.

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A framework and a chassis aren't necessarily the same thing. It's got the original Scimitar chassis, if you were building one from scratch you wouldn't copy the suspension turrets.


The box framework is what's holding the panel work together.

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I quite like it but it does need a bit of 'finishing' to get the look right in my opinion.

mine will never be 'historic' and I don't mind paying road tax if I'm honest for it.


Any BIVA IVA inspection can be a nightmare, best to get the V5c accurate (ish) which is why I choose to hot rod a car already registered as a 'kit'

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