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S7 From France

Guest brad

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hi all,just bought myself a robinhood here in france,one of very few that have been correctly registered....

i'd love to get some more info on what i've got....

looking around google,looks like i just bought "2b_pablo"'s" old car,it's a monocoque robinhood with inboard suspension,don't know if it's mk2 or mk3....

running a 2l pinto on dellorto 40's i'd love to get in touch with people that have come across my car in blighty or northern irelend.....

some pics:


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thanks guys! looks like it's a mk3A then,although the pics on the id page aren't very big/explicit.....


how would i go about finding a build manual or exploded views of the chassis??


any other owners on the page living in the south west of france???

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great! thanks a lot!

niduncan are you still running sierra rear springs and shocks? mine is a bit too low for my liking...thinking about coilover mods but a bit worried about the metalwork required...
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I do not think your car is a Series 3, the front suspension look's more like a Series 2.


This is the front suspension of my Series 3:




As for ride height I have AVO coil overs on the back and the original supplied on the front. The ride height can be raised by compressing the springs more. I increased my ride height by replacing the 14" wheels with 185/60R14 tyres to 15" with 195/65R15 tyres which raised the car by about 4cm and also fitted a shortened sump. Road speed humps are no longer a problem.



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