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Hi Folks

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Well, Im a newbie to the forum and kit cars, as well as never having heard of Robin Hood cars before. Ive enjoyed riding motorbikes & driving cars and was looking to change my GT86 for something different, however I stumbled upon a Robin Hood (seems to be a 2B but is registered as an RS - unclassified at a local dealer.


This then sparked the idea of two cars instead of upgrading one. A few nights thinking, a test drive and a deposit later and I should be an owner in the next few days :)


Just wanted to say hi & and will look at joining up / getting membership here too!


What a fun, noisy and cool looking car!


Catch you all soon,



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Welcome, if you look on here, http://nw.rhocar.org/ there is a section on indentifying the different types of car. Be very wary though if it is not correctly registered, it should say Robin hood or similar on the V5. if not don't pay very much for it! Richard Stuart started the company many years ago so possibly could be an early one. Do you have any pictures? there may be a member living nearby who could advise if you say whereabouts in surrey you live.

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Thanks! Time will tell and I had an absolute blast driving it today!


My day to day is a GT86 Ive had supercharged and the rear wheels are somewhat... lively! This felt like it was a lot more disciplined on corners - or maybe it was me without any electronic bail out devices present!!!

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MOT history all looks good, definitely registered as a robin hood, model has been set up as an RS which is all OK too.

It does look very clean. But I dont recognise the top wishbone? Anyone have any ideas?

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Looks like a 2B, maybe a sliding pillar that's had a wishbone conversion. The wishbone mounts aren't the Robin Hood box section and the top wishbone geometry is different.

Headlight mount also looks like either a sliding pillar or a 2B/04 set up.

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