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What Rear Suspension / Donor Is This?

Guest Tigerman

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Guest Tigerman

Hello.. As a new member, I must confess I also own a Tiger, but today was working on a friend's Robin Hoo today.

He was hearing a persistent knocking noise from the transmission tunnel.

On investigating, it was clear that the propshaft was knocking against the top of the transmission tunnel at the rear, where it becomes a u/joint..not something I've come across before.

From what I could see, the rear axle was moving upwards a little too much under use, and from what I could make out, the only culprits for this movement were weak or broken springs / shock absorbers.

They looked unbroken.


I cannot recognise the rear axle - a solid type, with a small securing bar/track rod type end to secure the diff at the top..... unlike the Sierra diff and jointed driveshafts I'm used to.

One of the springs had what looked like a rubber doughnut actually in the coils of the spring....the other didn't.

Has anyone come across this before..and what is the cure?


What is the 'normal' donor is for a Robin Hood?


The photos I have are too big for upload.


Grateful for any help from this group.....

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Dont worry about the rubber doughnut. I think I know what it might be.


They were often fitted to cars that towed a lot, to raise the ride height and /or stiffen the spring.

It would be better if they matched both sides though!!

What tyype of springs, leaf?

Is the bar with track rod ends fore and aft or across the car which is a panhard rod.


click on the small image at the left of the page.


Given that spring assisters have been fitted I suspect that someone has tried to fix this before. The ride height seems too low.

could be weak springs, wrong length springs, broken/incorrect fitting points for the top or bottom of the coils.

Hope thats given you a few ideas, post up what you find, look for a photo re-sizer or post to dropbox or some such.

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Guest Tigerman

Yes..it looks like it's off a Cortina. Thanks! The configuration of the axle, supporting arms and shockers looks like the diagram

It's not a panhard rod..it's much smaller, and is in line with the propshaft front/rear, rather than lateral. Fixed at one end into a bracket, it's about 3" long, and the other end is attached to the top of the diff through what looks like a track rod end to allow a little movement.


So..my question remains..why would the axle / propshaft move up and down so much to make the u/joint on the prop strike against the transmisson tunnel?

Is it the coil springs to blame, or more likely worn shox?


Will try to stick some photos up by resizing...

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TBH Paul, it could be both.

The springs determine the ride height, the shock limits the speed that it compresses.

Is the car bouncy? If you push down hard, it should come back up, then settle back just once at most.

More indicates worn shocks.

If the ride is too low, the propshaft will hit.

If the shocks are worn, they will allow the spring to compress more, propshaft will hit again.

What is the clearance to the road from the bodywork immediately in front of the rear wing?

Personally I dont know what an early model car should be, but the 2B should be around 7".

Try & find the exact model & other owners will probably supply their measurements.


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It's not a panhard rod..it's much smaller, and is in line with the propshaft front/rear, rather than lateral. Fixed at one end into a bracket, it's about 3" long,


That would concern me a lot. A rod that short will be moving in a much smaller radius than the diff, putting a lot of strain on it.

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Guest Tigerman

Apparently, its a fifth link supplied by RH, to stop diff rotation under load, so is an acceptable part.


It looks increasingly like the problem is one of weak springs (coil) and possibly slightly knackered shox.

What are the options / suggested lengths for replacement coil springs? Any suggestions welcome...

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Have a look at the thread in the link below




Alternatively used the advanced search function, the cog icon next to the search tab at the top right of the page, and use axle as the subject and chris n as the author and you'll find loads of threads/info.


The fifth link was a bodge which will either rip out of the tub or break the diff casing which are now almost impossible to get hold of.

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