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Nothing To Do This Weekend? Eosb 2018

keith kelly

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Wanted to say a big thank you to Keith and everybody who helped make the weekend such a success. Myself, Eddie & Tina agreed we hadn't had so much fun in ages even if our Jagos did take a bit of a battering....


This gives you an idea of what we were getting up to when we disappeared down the bottom of the field....




It was great to win the Halfords voucher on Saturday night, I have wasted no time in stocking up on some much needed car cleaning products.....




Here's the photos and videos I said I'd post up for you.


I'm expecting you guys to do some off road mods ready for next year.




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I'm expecting you guys to do some off road mods ready for next year.


Doubt it, more likely to lower it and upgrade my front brakes so I don't have to back off on the bends when we run to the pub plus I need to shave 6 seconds off my Autotest time...... :rofl:

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Guest Here's Eddie

Enjoyed every minute of the weekend some parts more than I should of, #old enough to know better, Tina must have liked it too as she keeps tagging me in RH's for sale, Mods for next yr. more speed more speed.




Here's a few pics just before we left from the Derby EOSB 2016






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