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Fabricator Needed.


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Had a minor prang in my 2B yesterday. Result is a smashed Nosecone and a very bent and creased bonnet. I think the Nosecone is still available from GBS but not the Bonnet panels. Mine are stainless steel. Does anyone have some for sale? If not then I need a good fabricator in the Southampton/Fareham/Winchester/Portsmouth area.

Cheers. Mick.

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Might be worth asking if GBS do the bonnet as well.


If you wanted to give it a go yourself i reckon the hardest part would be the right angle bend each side but even that could be done with some slow and careful clamping and hammering.


Not sure if you built your car but if not the 2b came with a flat rear panel and RH got the builder to make the bends. Which was surprisingly easy to do. From memory you draw a line at the centre of the curve and then with the panel flat on the floor with the top facing down pull the furthest edge up towards you and squish it down a bit like you are bending it over a melon (i think that was RH's words). The more you push down the tighter the bend will be. So you need to do a bit and check against your nose cone/scuttle.


a quick search it would cost about £155 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-steel-sheet-304-DP1-1250-x-1250-x-0-9mm-Mirror-polished-/252745876838?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10but that is a bit thicker than the RH steel which i think should be 0.7mmm


oh yeah louvres would be the hard part as you need a proper machine, or you could put a premade vent https://www.sheridanmarine.com/product/stainless-steel-louvred-ventsin.



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