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Kev's Locost Turbo Build


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2 hours ago, Alvin said:

I’m enjoying this build thread, it’s going at a cracking pace!


Although, I do feel a bit lazy. In the year I’ve had my car I’ve managed to change the alternator and adjust the seat position. Even at that it was my brother that helped completed the task 😂




Thanks mate - I'm very impatient so I try to rattle through things while I can lol

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So today's progress:


- Rose-jointed trailing arms finished



- Calipers refurbished (I will be fitting four pots but since I have these already, I'll try them out with some DS2500 pads and braided lines) 



I also had to redo the axle mounts - the holes were too far back in the mount to allow for the rose joints to fit. I had to plate the original mounts up and fill in the holes, then redrill. Complete pain in the ass but should be ready to throw the rear end in by tomorrow. 

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More progress today:
Axle brackets finished, axle wirebrushed, degreased and sprayed
Brake calipers on and steering column centre shaft mounted to the side of the chassis with a steering rose joint 
Upper steering column modified from previous to lower the steering height a little more
It's absolutely stinking with all of the dust but now thankfully thats the last of the heavy work done. 
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The axle came together as intended, misalignment spacers doing the trick nicely (I know my rose joints need nuts - I ran out so will fit later) 
And its not back on all fours for now with the rear end complete Inc panhard rod fitted
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I was on holiday there so progress halted for a bit. 

Tonight though, I got the following few bits sorted.... 

Manifold completed and turbo test fitted:



It's a snug fit but does clear all the way around so pretty happy with the position. 

I also got my pedal box finally mounted and the remote master cylinders mounted along the side of the chassis. This was the only place they could really go and I'm pretty happy with them here. 


My 540cc injectors and intercooler also arrived and I'm awaiting delivery of my new bonnet, bonnet scoop and carbon bubble screen. 



Over the weekend, I hope to finish off the brake lines and fuel lines before dropping the engine back in and starting on the wiring. The steering column also needs trimmed and painted so will do that as well. 

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So this weekend, i got a good bit done since returning from holiday:

- steering setup stripped and the column painted then refitted



- the log manifold completed and painted up with some VHT black



The pedal box had to come back out as the bias bar and remote adjuster were very fiddly in situ. It's now complete and working as intended. The remote adjuster just needs mounted once I've my dash in...


- Remote master cylinders positioned nicely on the side rail


- Front brake lines in and braided lines out to the calipers



How it currently sits:




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Today I got the front and rear brake lines completed - tracked through the transmission tunnel and P-clipped etc. 












I got the rad mounted as well








I also got the fuel cell and swirl pot fitted with both lift the lift pump and high pressure pump fitted. Just need to track the fuel lines through the transmission tunnel and that's the rear end complete. 













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Sorry for not updating this thread for a while (for those of you who do enjoy it). I got a bit of time at the car over easter and I have made a fair bit of progress......










I also dropped an order for a full custom wiring loom for both the engine and car, a MaxxECU standalone ECU, a Koso DB-03R digital speedo/instrument cluster and some DRL daymaker headlights. I plan to finish off the dashboard and transmission tunnel this week, and have the rest of the car pretty much ready to go once the wiring and ECU arrives. 


P.S. I don't like waiting for things as you all can probably tell lol


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