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help with unregistered car


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When you read through the documents for the IVA have a close look at the status of build.

It may pay for you to disassemble the car so that you can check everything out, then take pictures as you rebuild to faithfully be able to claim "self build" status. This is good practice anyway as you do not know the competency of the initial build.

As said once you have carried out the IVA checks come back to get assistance on any queries or clarification as the club will offer great help when needed.


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im in the process of checking everything on the car,a had it in a garage that builds cars and he pointed out the things i noticed when i had it on my ramp,the suspension has been set up and am currently replacing the sump and going over the full car bolt by bolt,just one question if it fails the iva do you need to pay the full price aqain?


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geoff i totally agree i have worked on cars for over 20 yrs i have went over this car with a fine tooth comb and have found stuff which need rectified,i am in the process of sorting them out while i have had other people in the motor trade cast there eyes over this car and we have mostly came to the same conclusion etc so yeh hopefully it will be ok but you know its a learning curve but we will see what happens its just the paperwork thats a pain in the lol

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I went through the test last year, failing on the first attempt but only on minor details the worst of which was the engine over fueling.

As it was considered minor faults the retest fee was £90 (maybe more now) with a list of 8 items. Examiner was very helpful and pointed out all the individual items explaining what he wanted to see and how to approach them. Main errors with mine were exposed edges and seat headrests not high enough.

Over riding advice that came out for me was if in doubt stick rubber around it (not hot areas - hole for exhaust had to be radiused due to examiner being able to squeeze fingers in gap).

However if the examiner considers any failure to be a major they can demand a full test again (very rare) and that retests are limited in time to I think 6 months from original test.

It sounds as if you are well on the way with the build and good luck with the IVA.

Do remember though that for the registration you need to supply all the proving documentation again including the IVA pass  - I speak from experience as it took 14 weeks to get my registration as I thought the IVA pass was a confirmation of provided documents also I had to supply proof of used parts to get age related registration (serial nos, part nos. etc.).

Best of luck.    Jim

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