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Cycle wing edges & immobiliser

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Hi all just a quick question about the cycle wing edges, do they need extra rubber trim to pass IVA or are they usually not within the 10mm minimum? If so what rubber is everyone using?

Also am i reading the manual right when it says we must have an immobiliser fitted by a certified professional? OR can we just put in a kill switch ourselves? an has anyone been checked on either when the car was tested?

Thanks in advance 


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Yes, trim needed on cycle wings - I just used the thick edge trim supplied by GBS.

Does it say that in the manual? Unless it's changed in the last 2 years since my IVA, just the steering lock is enough (although even that wasn't checked during my IVA).

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Two forms of security needed, normally key and steering lock.  If your steering lock has been removed/doesnt work, then immobiliser is a good second option, although it doesnt need to be installed by a professional.

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