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Hi, Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

The clutch peddle feels normal but I can't get it into any gear, it's a zetec onto a type 9

I have 1.8 flywheel with a sierra friction plate and zetec cover plate with Capri bearing. 


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i did have the zetec 1.8 flywheel friction plate and pressure plate with cct133  thrust bearing now i have the zetec 1.8 flywheel and C&G friction and pressure plate with cct133 bearing because of the extra torque from the turbo 

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from my memory so it may be wrong but there is a big difference between the fingers on the sierra pressure plate and zetec plate so i dont think the miss matching the pressure and friction plate will work 


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I have 1.8 flywheel with a sierra friction plate and zetec cover plate with Capri bearing.

I think you have a missmatch there. Never come across that combination before.

From my own experience. The zetec friction plate is thinner than the sierra one, the zetec pressure housing is again thinner than the sierra one. Using zetec 1.8 plate, zetec housing and cct133 works (But slips at about 160BHP) or redrilling the flywheel for sierra plate, housing and cct132 also works (And takes more torque!) and is what I currently use with uprated organic plate for 200bhp with no slip.

All the five speed sierras (1.8, pinto, DOHC, CVH) used a 25.4 x 23 spline. So did a lot of the MK1 Mondeos. Most zetec Focus didn't.

I suspect your combination just bolts up solid with no free space to allow the clutch to disengage.

Your cheapest option is just to get a 1.8 Mondeo 1  friction plate and swap out the sierra plate. Quinton Hazel part number C1189AF should do fine. It's for MK1 mondeo 1.6 & 1.8. 220x25.4x23.

(You can use all the other existing bits and you don't need to change the pin.)

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