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Its only really started doing it today when I put it back in the garage after a hard run it is booked in next sat for rolling rd and tune up to me it’s never run right since it had the fast rd cam put on and the injection head I don’t think it was ever really set up properly that was 2 yrs ago and sat in the garage for 2 yrs so not really took it out for a good run until I got mot done 

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It does sound like timing. Presumably it's fitted with a distributor? If it is then check the clamp hasn't worked loose. Other than that if it still starts and runs well enough to get to the rolling road then I wouldn't touch it. All will become apparent as soon as it's on the rollers and connected up, they will sort out any problems far faster than any mere mortal working out of their own garage. Mine found another 25 horsepower just by bending the stops on the advance retard mechanism!  It will be money well spent as they can check so many different parameters against each other while the engine is performing as it would on the road. Can't do that at home.

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