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Fuel line


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Trying to get some R9 fuel line and it feels like any R9 for sale is fake. Mine is only 2 or 3 years old but I have a misfire that may be due to dirt in injectors (it comes and goes), I sometimes open the garage to a strong petrol smell but no obvious leaks and there are small cracks in the HP fuel lines. I'm guessing my R9 is also fake? 🙄

Anyone know where I can be sure to get the real stuff? I've seen posts elsewhere warning off all the sites I can find that sell it...must be some way of getting/telling the real stuff?


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4 hours ago, theduck said:

Lots of reports online that their r9 fuel hose is the same as the eBay fake stuff. 


Yes, I read those as well - and same for several other contenders...

1 hour ago, tractor said:

got my braided fuel line from car builder solutions not had any problems so far 

That's only R7 though...

Do we think that R7 from a 'trusted' site ie. Halfords (you may scoff but high street, corporate, won't do fake stuff, don't even offer R9) is better than fake R9? Yes, I'd imagine...?


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R7 isn’t ethanol safe and as almost all fuel has ethanol in it in the uk now I wouldn’t want to use it.

i am in two minds at the moment, as this is something I want to look at on mine over winter, and either I’ll look at something like Goodridge 210 series or a more generic Teflon lined braided hose. 

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If you don't need the flexibility, NHF (well, Racing Lines, which are a subcompany out of the same unit) will do braided teflon lines as well as R9 rubber hose. I use it on the competition car. BFG-copy fittings. The other source I used to use was Think Auto for genuine BFG stuff. Not sure braided line front to back is really justified on a road car but, hey, whatever people want to use ;)

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I would imagine real R9 would not look like this after 2 years and 6k miles? 


Admittedly, that is on a bend in the HP lines, the same bend in the LP circuit looks fine. Those cracks go about halfway through the pipe:


When I drained the fuel out the swirl pot and fuel rail, there were a couple of small (1mm) rubber bits - not sure if that would be enough to block an injector? 

I've ordered new lines from CBS which are DIN rated and say ethanol proof and a filter for the HP circuit. See if it makes any difference... 


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